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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
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Normal Topics

Diversifying Missions

started by Mokey
0 875 by Mokey

Save vehicle lockstate to iniDB?

started by SH00Xtv
5 2418 by Cael817

Anybody has some interesting scripts? :-)

started by MsclnWilliam
50 13054 by newman

player markers

started by 40-1 STU
1 1427 by Cael817

extDB development and more

started by lodac
118 46040 by AgentRev

Looking to hire a programmer for a simple script.

started by RX8Toxic
0 1101 by RX8Toxic

customized missions

started by Tokae
23 6904 by SNAKE EYES

Airport mission idea

started by Marauder2k7
3 1527 by JoSchaap

Linking to textfile outside of .pbo

started by Tokae
6 2650 by Tokae

Problem with ammocrate

started by GhostDog
1 1159 by GhostDog

Adding New Missions

started by Brian
8 3846 by LouD

add new base parts

started by Shinbotz
10 2674 by SNAKE EYES

play music when enemy player come ! ?

started by Asghar_Fighter
6 1775 by Asghar_Fighter

Multi-Part Missions

started by Marauder2k7
0 831 by Marauder2k7

Adding helipad object?

started by Expenox
10 3212 by Marauder2k7

Adding Raven Lifter ?

started by Marauder2k7
0 1060 by Marauder2k7

Customize Outpost mission?

started by Marauder2k7
1 884 by Marauder2k7

Custom spawns?

started by shred
1 851 by shred

Adding new base parts and structures to the general store and changing towing.

started by SNAKE EYES
0 776 by SNAKE EYES

Adding Food and Water stashes to the General store

started by CREAMPIE
3 1181 by CREAMPIE