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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
- 11474 by AgentRev
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3rd person on for Vehicles only

started by IKShadow
3 3266 by IKShadow

Saving vehicles

started by IKShadow
0 1392 by IKShadow

show player current position on map

started by IKShadow
3 2018 by Jumbo

Day/Night cycle faster

started by IKShadow
0 1320 by IKShadow

Vehicle stores

started by bodybag
5 3769 by GSN_Pager

Reward for defending captured territories.

started by Cael817
0 1400 by Cael817

Could this be something?

started by bodybag
5 2848 by AgentRev

Possibility for a night version aswell?

started by TSVStriFe
8 3637 by TSVStriFe

[Need Help]How freeze time on server ? for make on server always on Days

started by MegaWatts
0 1625 by MegaWatts

Any word from KoS?

started by Brian
1 1740 by MercyfulFate

Getting BaseSaving to work with iniDB [resolved]

started by Brian
19 13821 by MercyfulFate

Which build for ARMA 3?

started by Falcon911
8 3417 by GSN_Pager

Wasteland Mission; Sectors

started by Dreaddman
11 4810 by Dreaddman

Buying General Store Objects

started by jabbajaws77
1 1979 by JoSchaap

Repair kits need a tire patch!

started by Adombom
2 1907 by MercyfulFate

Advanced bounty system

started by Metal
1 2797 by MercyfulFate

More Helicopter Air Time

started by Tactical Turtle
5 3022 by MercyfulFate

Suggestion: Backpacks 2nd Primary

started by GSN_Pager
3 2550 by MercyfulFate

Servers running v0.9 Beta?

started by Adombom
9 3560 by goatboy

Relating to persistence/keeping weapons/etc.

started by Adombom
5 3408 by JoSchaap