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It was nice having you around, you provided great help by lending a hand to other admins at times I was knee-deep in schoolwork, and you provided the playerbase with your own twist on the gamemode. Hopefully you'll find another similar hobby to fill the gap.

In your final release, do you think you could include the following folders in the repository? This would ensure the presence of all dependencies;
  • A3Wasteland_settings
  • BattlEye (containing txt filters)
  • extDB3 (containing a3wasteland.ini and a3wasteland.sql)
  • CCG_A3Wasteland.Stratis (and any other up-to-date mission folders)
  • any other custom external files judged necessary for running the mission without errors

The SQL file can be created in MySQL Workbench via Server > Data Export and selecting "Dump Structure Only"

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Re: CCG CustomCombatGaming A3 Wasteland

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Due to popular demand I've swapped out our Malden server for Tanoa once more.

I believe Apex is on sale at the moment