[Mission] _waitUntilSuccessCondition help

Re: [Mission] _waitUntilSuccessCondition help

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The tone of ones language is very hard to tell what that person means by text, It's easy to mistaken the real meaning of such words. People have different triggers base off mood, time, etc. and they can cause unexpected reactions. Always keep an open mind when reacting to text. the forums are very active, because of you all discussing new content, keep pushing forward and the results will come.

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Re: [Mission] _waitUntilSuccessCondition help

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Well, thanks for this. But ..

I don't think you quite understand the reasoning behind my post... and it's not entirely directed at you, it's directed at everyone.

The way it is... is that personally I'm here to help (some of the time)... but do NOT expect me to personally help ALL of the time (via PM after PM)... as that is asking a bit too much. People need to figure stuff out for themselves, or at least TRY to before asking questions to the most simplest of answers that is either common knowledge or at the end of a quick google search... IMO that's just being lazy.

I learned ArmA 3 code off my own back, in my own time, all self taught, as most on here are... and yes skill differs between all of us, I realize that, so each to their own, but when it comes to scripting/coding, if after someone has tried and tried and tried... with no success, by all means, ask away for help, but in saying that, don't ask for others to code it from scratch (or fix other authors code) just because someone 'has the knowledge'... as that's rather rude IMO.

Like I said to you via PM griffinZS, if you have an issue with a script, find the author of it and approach them for help... if they or yourself are unable to fix it, then you should not be using said script/code. Again, please do not expect 'people in the know' to fix it for you... and when myself or others decline to fix it, don't react in a way that the fix is expected from the 'people in the know'.

Whatever the outcome of this mission, I gave help beyond anyone else has or will so be thankful for that (not angry at it), and it isn't even my own script/code. I wanted people to learn from it (if they wanted to use the script/mission) and script/code/fix it themselves... with a seemingly needed push in the right direction... which is what I gave. I even re-tested the code within a quick custom mission in my own time, to which I posted the mission file (.zip) to HELP you/others learn... again that was ignored as I was expected to fix it for you/others? There's no learning if I (or someone else) does it all for you/them/whoever.

I sent u on Oct 11. It was an IDEA, to pay for gas. 6 days later, u presented your own purchase fuel.

True, you sent me another PM asking for (indirectly) such a script. In which I thought I wasn't going to do anything... but then I changed my mind. I coded that within a few hours, and left it sit on my HDD. I did it as a favor... and mainly towards you griffinZS, but In retrospect I was a bit annoyed at the same time, as if I decide to release this... would you expect it again... and again? None the less, I formatted it, threw it on my github and posted on these forums for all to test/use it within their A3Wasteland mission. Sure it was buggy... that was due to my limited testing, but in the end I fixed it... so for all that will use it, enjoy!

Again... I will 'help' ANYONE where/when needed, but do NOT expect it every-single-time. If I think someone hasn't put in the effort in fixing something first, I may be more hesitant in helping to begin with... but again, do NOT expect help... but appreciate the help I DO give.

TBCH, I need a break from helping, and I will more than likely take one. If you REALLY need help by all means PM me, but don't expect any help or a reply... but if I do reply, at least say 'thanks for the help'.

Also, this isn't directed in anyone in particular (unless your name is shown), so take it as something constructive and a nudge in the right direction of you helping yourselves rather than asking people like me and me/us saying 'no, can't help sorry, you're on your own'.


Re: [Mission] _waitUntilSuccessCondition help

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Oh. Maybe misunderstood. I'm totally not angry or kinda that. And I do not expect a full solution (I just said, we disabled this mission). It was you, who answered according to this posting.  ;)

I just thought the same way, u do/did:

Some people can create, some people can code/script, some people can do both, some people can't... if people work together, I'm sure great things could be made. :)


I did it as a favor... and mainly towards you griffinZS, but In retrospect I was a bit annoyed at the same time, as if I decide to release this... would you expect it again... and again?

Favor for me? I know three servers with this purchase fuel actually - and I guess, it will spread around more.  ;)

Sorry, if I harassed u in any way. Wasn't my intention.  :-\

Re: [Mission] _waitUntilSuccessCondition help

« Reply #18 posted: Sep 27, 2017, 10:25 AM »
We found a way to make the Escobar mission work. We took the mission hijacked and adapted it to the Escobar, but in the dedicated server, when entering the vehicle or the airplane, the mark to deliver the vehicles does not appear. How to solve?