Linux globalChatMessages

Linux globalChatMessages

« posted: Jan 15, 2017, 02:24 PM »
Hi Sam! PLEASE HELP! How to install on the host server Linux globalChatMessages? did all the instructions but message is not showing
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Re: Linux globalChatMessages

« Reply #1 posted: Jan 20, 2017, 07:09 AM »
Yo need to follow the instructions in the header of the script.

Code: [Select]
For use with A3Wasteland 1.Xx mission (

This script will show global chat messages to clients, as per the _globalChatMessages array.
Be sure to set _globalChatMessagesSleep at minimum of 10 minutes sleep duration, else the
script will default back to 10 minutes sleep duration to avoid spamming globalChat and
annoying the hell out of players.

Place this script in directory...


And at the bottom of the script, paste in...
[] execVM "client\functions\globalChatMessages.sqf";

*Please note that this is a static message, so if server administrators want to modify the
messages contained, they need to update this script within their mission.pbo each time.

*Please also note that this script is based upon having a 'game logic' named 'server' within
your mission.sqm file (it should be in the vanilla A3Wasteland mission already, if not then
you must add a game logic to your mission and name it 'server').

It should be fairly straight forward to set up due to the header information provided.