Player Icons, Holstering, Eject, and magic parachute

Player Icons, Holstering, Eject, and magic parachute

« posted: Jan 22, 2017, 02:31 PM »
I just flat out can't get a handle on this sqf coding.  I stare at the screen of code for hours and have no idea what is going on.  I like making missions for my buddies and I (just 5 of us) and they have the same complaints every time.  They want to see where everyone is, be able to holster their weapons and eject with the magic parachute. 

I've searched and found the code listing: and I thought the "DrawPlayerIcons.sqf" was what I was looking for but I load it up and nothing....  It seems to reference showPlayerNames but I can't find that file anywhere.

I'm sorry at how nub I am and all but I just want to implement at the very least, the player icons so we can see each other and stop shooting each other during my simple missions.  Here's a steam link to one of my missions so you can see how simple they are:

I really am at a loss. 

Thank you for any help!

Re: Player Icons, Holstering, Eject, and magic parachute

« Reply #1 posted: Jan 23, 2017, 02:43 PM »
wasteland is no mission framework built for creating your own missions. it is a mission/multiplayer gamemode with lots of scripts and features built in.

that beeing said you can take a look at the code and try to get inspired on how to write/adapt this stuff for your own missions. .
Here is the correct link to the git btw:

i suggest using notepad++ - and the "find in files" search function to find references to your functions. but i think if you can't really read sqf it will be very hard work to re-implement stuff.
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Re: Player Icons, Holstering, Eject, and magic parachute

« Reply #2 posted: Jan 24, 2017, 10:58 PM »
A lot of the smaller components I created like the ones you mention were pieced together with duct tape and built into the core, without much concern for "transplantability" outside A3W. Many of them rely on multipurpose static functions I wrote as part of the core to make my code a lot less redundant.

Some of the stuff I made has been requested by other mission makers, but the truth is that in order to make these components available for everyone, I would need to write additional code to fill the gap left by separation from the A3W core.

For example, the action menu in particular is a bitch to deal with, because each individual action must be added to the player, then on respawn removed from the corpse and readded to the new player. The A3W core already has a system I wrote to handle that (fn_addManagedAction). In order for a component that relies on the action menu to be transplanted, it needs a new action manager; I can't put mine in because it depends itself on other core functions. So, a new one has to be written; this one is not particularily hard, but there can be multiple systems in need of replacement.

Writing and testing this new code, then preparing instructions, creating a package, and publishing can be a huge hassle, and the time I would spend doing that could be instead spent on writing new stuff directly for A3W instead.

Taken to the extreme, you will find an addon in A3W that was originally standalone, Farooq's Revive, but I frankensteined it so much that it will not work at all anymore without the A3W core.

Nowadays, I try to keep transplantability in mind; my most recent addon, stickyCharges, can be integrated into any non-A3W mission, because I took extra care not to rely on core functions. It took an entire week to make, but I was very satisfied with the result.

Some people will say I should have made the mission more modular from the get-go, as envisioned by our previous devs, but I've never managed a project like this before, so the paths to take are not always evident.
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Re: Player Icons, Holstering, Eject, and magic parachute

« Reply #3 posted: Jan 25, 2017, 10:11 AM »
Google these for arms 3 and you will find the scripts you want. It will be much easier to use these than to alter the A3 ones