350k Start! ERM Gaming Wasteland Stratis Sandbox!

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350k Start! ERM Gaming Wasteland Stratis Sandbox!

« posted: Mar 21, 2017, 08:58 PM »
Hi Guys,

Just letting you guys know The New and Improved Custom ERM Gaming wasteland is back!!

Server Is 50 Slot For Now As Work Is Still In Progress!! Soon 90 Slot!

If you want to check out progress head over to:

Website: www.ermgaming.shivtr.com



Servers Info:

*High FPS - Faster Cleanup Scripts

*High Money For The Full Sandbox Experience (350k)

*Arma 3 Enhanced Movement Mod!! ~ brilliant mod to have! not required to join the server! - will be fixed when server converts to 64bit.

*Custom Base Locations (Milliterised Sea Base)

*Small Updates, Tweeks & Addons/Changes Implemented Regularly for the best and most upto date gameplay!!

* Feedback from players it always appreciated so don't hesitate to post on are forums!

But Other Than That All The Usual Addons!:

~Custom & New Missions
~More Stores
~Toxic Gas
~Apex Addons
~Explosives To Vehicles
~Mag Repack
~Custom GUI
~Custom Map Content
~500k Player Loyalty Reward
~Supply/Air Drops
~Death Markers
~AI Cash Drop
~Base Boxes

Stratis Wasteland#1:

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Re: 350k Start! ERM Gaming Wasteland Stratis Sandbox!

« Reply #1 posted: Jun 15, 2017, 10:12 PM »
Hey i have some question about Apex dlc on server if you can help me how to add the apex dlc on a wasteland server pls answere me!