ERM Gaming 500kStart High FPS Malden Wasteland!!!

ERM Gaming 500kStart High FPS Malden Wasteland!!!

« posted: May 29, 2017, 11:20 AM »
Hi Guys,

Just letting you guys know the ERM Gaming Team have pulled together to make a 500k Start Malden Wasteland Server/b]

The server is playable works and runs really well, I believe the Owner will be working on a better version with more stores to fit the coastline etc.

If you want to check out progress head over to:





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Servers Info:

*High FPS - Faster Cleanup Scripts

*High Money For The Full Sandbox Experience (500k)

*Custom Base Locations (USS Freedom)

* Feedback from players it always appreciated so don't hesitate to post on are forums!

But Other Than That All The Usual Addons!:

~More Stores
~Toxic Gas
~Apex Addons
~Jets DLC
~Explosives To Vehicles
~Mag Repack
~Custom GUI
~Custom Map Content
~500k Player Loyalty Reward
~Supply/Air Drops
~Death Markers

Malden Wasteland#1: