Creating Capture zones for Multiplayer

Creating Capture zones for Multiplayer

« posted: Aug 27, 2017, 06:56 AM »
So I am trying to learn how to create missions and such in Arma.
To start I am using the Tanoa map. I am able to place objects around the map, that is easy.
Right now my first step is.

1) I want to make the airport, cities and other areas capturable by either team.. (OPFOR, BlueFOR, Independents).
2) want to make lootable ammo/weapon/equipment crates. Like Hidden stashes throughout the Island areas.

After I do these I will work on creating AI missions and such, But first things first

3) creating Weapon/Vehicle/General/Equipment Stores
4) Workable ATMs

I have a lot of ideas for missions and Missions that build upon each other. But I need to start from the beginning :D

Thanks for any help.

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1. In MapConfig\territories.sqf you can find the code ur looking for.

2. You can turn on creates to spawn randomly through towns.

3.  They already have those.  Just  copy and paste in the map editor then rename a few variables then add it to the MapConfig\storeOwners.sqf

4. Just go into your map editor and place down an ATM, in its init paste this in there and you are good to go.
Code: [Select]
[this] call A3W_fnc_setupMissionATM
If you have further questions, I can PM you my discord and help you out further.

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Woooo slow down chemosabi. :D

first thigs first.

To start. I am using the Tanoa map as stated. So far I have figured out Triggers. I hope I am using the correct thing here.

So I did find a video on Creating a Sector Control
Placed a Sector Control Module
Named It (Tuvanaka City)
   Owner : Nobody
   Task Owner: Everyone
Placed a Logic Entity
   Blufor / OpFor / Independent  - so any player from that side can capture the area.

I did place a couple of guys (baddies) and a Single guy (for me to play as). Tested and it did what I wanted.

Now what I want to do for this area is make it like the Wastelands MOD. Multiplayer, so players have to fight over it.

2) Place Terrorist (bad guys) that spawn missions and a random time.


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Go look at the map capture points in stratis or altis, or the tanoa versions of wasteland man.  Then look in "mapConfig\territories.sqf."  You use map markers not triggers.  If you have notepadd ++ with you can use the control + F function under find in Files tab to reverse engineer 99.9% of all code.