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I change the defaut value of BankMoney, but new players still spawn with 0 on bank

I missed something?

Hello Blackcircle,

I do not really advise you to touch the BankMoney Value, this may pose a big problem with saving the player's bank amount.

However, I advise you to change this value:
A3W_startingMoney = 100;
A3W_startingMoney = 15000;

In the file ... / server / default_config.sqf
(line 24)

So players will be able to Spawn directly with the $ 15,000.

Hoping to have helped you.


The problem with A3W_startingMoney, sometimes players repawn as new player so they spawn gain with 15k

On Exile Mod changing default BankMoney Value works fine.

I understand, personally I have not encountered this bug, but Arma sometimes reserves this kind of bug, unfortunately.

Unfortunately by changing the value of the bank, the same bug you encounter will cause the player to lose what he banked. Who will be replaced by the $ 15,000.

Edit :

You can always test this solution:

In the file ... /server/players/setupPlayerDB.sqf
(line 47)

["BankMoney", _player getVariable ["bmoney", 0]],

Change the value to:

["BankMoney", _player getVariable ["bmoney", 15000]],

But I do not guarantee the result.


unfortunately it doesn't work, I believe the fault is in the database that does not pass the value placed by default in the playerstatus table


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