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Editing & Coding / Re: Door Lock issues
« on: Jun 13, 2017, 02:36 PM »
If its not saving you did not edit the file in the persistence directory. Look at the oLoad.sqf located in persistence/server/world...

Do you have this:

Code: [Select]
switch (_var) do
case "side": { _value = _value call _strToSide };
case "R3F_Side": { _value = _value call _strToSide };
case "lockDown": { _value }; // BASE LOCKER
case "password": { _value }; // BASE LOCKER - SAFE - DOOR
case "lockedSafe": { _value }; // SAFE
case "A3W_inventoryLockR3F": { _value }; // SAFE
case "R3F_LOG_disabled": { _value }; // SAFE
case "ownerName":

Remember whenever AgentRev updates his releases you have to update that deals with base lockers and doors by manually copying and pasting.....

General Discussion / Re: Malden map
« on: Jun 02, 2017, 01:52 AM »
It appears Bohemia actually is using this map on Project Argo which was released for free today. Project Argo is a 5v5 standalone, aside from Arma 3, that has its own game mode. One of them looked like capture the flag from this video:

That would be sweet to use those flags as capture zone/points in Arma 3. This is something I've been actually looking into, have a flag in the zone that moves up or down and changes sides depending on which side captured it.

Here is Project Argo for anybody who wants to download it:'

It will be in your Steam Library folder as its own game so its not an addon nor mod...I am going to give it a try.

Hopefully some of the assets will hit Arma 3 in the next update DLC release they put in Project Argo...


If you need any help Matt let me know I will be glad to help you with the Malden A3W conversion...

General Discussion / Re: Malden map
« on: May 27, 2017, 05:52 PM »
Hmmm it feels too much like Stratis. Not being negative I just don't like maps where there should be more forests. But cannot complain with FREE maps...

General Discussion / Re: Malden map
« on: May 27, 2017, 05:44 PM »
Hmmm I run both Dev and Main and don't see the map in the list...

EDIT: as soon as I write this I reopen the Dev and boom its there. Geez

Editing & Coding / Re: A3 Wasteland Chernarus a How to REQUEST
« on: May 26, 2017, 08:30 PM »
You cannot change PBO name. It doesn't work like this. You have to extract the contents of the PBO is like a zip file but BIS's way of packing everything up into one file. You will then see .Altis, .Tanoa or whatever map it is as a folder.

From here you can change .XXX to the proper name of the map you want to use. I don't know exactly what Chernarus map name actually is.

Then you have to open the map in Eden and move all the stores, mission markers and everything else in the right places.

As for using @Cup stuff its not a serverside mod, its a client side so clients must have it. The -serverMod parameter means only the server needs the mod, not clients.

Its not simple as you think but its simple once you understand what you have to do. It actually takes me about 2 weeks to convert a map to Wasteland if I work on here and there. I've converted 2 maps so far, Australia and Taunus but Taunus was a failure due to the map itself having way too many bugs in it. Australia is a good map but its huge and doesn't have a lot of forests which is lacking IMHO.

Addons & Mods / Re: Player and item spawn positions.
« on: May 26, 2017, 06:02 AM »
Just curious the first thing I noticed in your RPT is this:

Code: [Select]
"D:\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3_x64.exe" -connect= -port=2802 -mod="
In your report you have arma3_x64.exe and it should be arma3server_x64.exe or arma3server.exe depending if you are using Arma 3 server that comes with the game or the server files downloaded in Steam in the Tool section.

It appears from this line you are using Arma 3 and not the server. Another thing you have -mod= and there is no mod written in after. You need to add a mod or delete this line.

I don't know about othersd but I never was able to run Wasteland in Arma 3 where you "Create a server". Its not the same as a dedicated server. So your best bet and most likely a fix is to run Wasteland in arma3server_x64.exe or arma3server.exe. You can use Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool or write your own CMD.bat and use that to start the server. I use Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool here at home to test my maps and have no issues with it whatsoever.

Are you using extDB3? I don't see any -serverMod="extDB3" parameter in your RPT...

I remember everything you mentioned above doing this to me last year and it was because I was trying to run Wasteland in Arma 3's "create server" which does not work well. I had a second PC that was not being used so I just use it now as a Arma 3 test server. Hope this helps.

General Discussion / Weapons and Accessories
« on: May 23, 2017, 11:03 PM »
AgentRev or anybody else who may know the answer. Will you point me to the file that allows what weapons attachments can go on what weapon such as the Night Stalker for instance?

General Discussion / Re: Confusion regarding github commits
« on: May 22, 2017, 06:47 PM »
I understand this AgentRev but BIS is limiting copying and pasting or its a bug if there are 2 instances of Eden open a the same time. If you attempt to copy between the 2 instances it does not work. It only works like you mentioned above. Sometimes I like to compare between two maps whenever I am looking at mission markers mainly on Griffin's Tanoa where he had 60+ missions. So I open 2 instances to compare things.

General Discussion / Re: Confusion regarding github commits
« on: May 21, 2017, 09:31 PM »
The carrier was added to Stratis in this particular commit:

If you look in the description it says "Conflicts: mission.sqm", this is part of the standard procedure when merging Altis to Stratis, what I did is directly replace the conflicted file with the custom version I tweaked from Eden.

I don't understand why you were looking for this, if you want to add the carrier to another mission you just need to load the latest Stratis SQM in Eden, copy the carrier and its props, then open your other mission and paste. Make sure "Toggle Vertical Mode" is flat, otherwise the paste will be messed up.

This is not about the carrier but about copying and pasting. Does this only work if you copy, close down Eden, open up Eden again, then paste? I can normally open 2 instances of Eden but cannot copy and pasts between the two...

Editing & Coding / Re: Bridge opening!
« on: May 21, 2017, 09:24 PM »
Yep it was 32bit I was having issues and I know it was more of a memory issue causing the lag. I will give it another try sometime later.

Editing & Coding / Store Config..
« on: May 19, 2017, 01:27 AM »
In AgentRev's storeConfig I noticed a few helicopters missing, well just textured ones that BIS added, If I remember correctly they were added with the APEX DLC. I added these after basically sifting through Eden editor to see what was added after APEX was released.

Add these to your storeConfig to get the correct textured UH-80 textures. Just change the prices to whatever you want:

Code: [Select]
["UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Green)", "B_Heli_Transport_01_camo_F", 8500, "vehicle"], // UH-60 Stealth with 2 side miniguns (green camo)
["UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Sand)", "B_CTRG_Heli_Transport_01_sand_F", 8500, "vehicle"], // UH-60 Stealth with 2 side miniguns (sand)
["UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Tropic)", "B_CTRG_Heli_Transport_01_tropic_F", 8500, "vehicle"], // UH-60 Stealth with 2 side miniguns (green camo)

The Tropic Ghost Hawk actually looks awesome IMHO..

Editing & Coding / Re: Base building
« on: May 19, 2017, 01:23 AM »

PM me and I will help you get it setup as there are more files that needs to be edited to get BoS to work properly. The Base Locker works best with base doors and keypad to lock them down so others cannot unlock them. On our two current servers we use prebuilt bases that I've built in Eden and all we have to do is add the doors, keypad and base locker and boom it works just fine. If I remember correctly LouD's edits contain code that calls for the server to be restarted before the doors will work. Thats each time somebody puts down a door and locks it down. So just PM and I will send you the proper updated files I edited so you don't have to restart the server.

General Discussion / Re: Taunus Map
« on: May 18, 2017, 05:44 PM »
Disregard I've decided to scrub Taunus as there are other issues. One example is at the airport. If you drive on the pavement or runway your tires go through the pavement. Then as you are driving BOOOOOOOM you will explode.

Taunus is one of the best great eye candy maps I've ever seen in Arma 3 but after reporting this issue to the creators they stated they are not going to be doing any more updating to Taunus.

What is the point of having "great eye candy" of a map if things on the map have issues and you decide not to do any updates to it to fix these issues? What is the point of releasing a map that is unfinished? It appears some of these terrain/map makers have the same mind set as BIS!!!!

So, I wasted a good month on converting this map to Wasteland so forward, time to find another custom map to convert.

General Discussion / Re: Confusion regarding github commits
« on: May 18, 2017, 03:30 AM »
The commits will always show you a difference in the files, this is how github is. All you need to do is download the A3W release files then go through each commit and replace whatever file you need. I understand what exactly you are saying as in one commit AgenRev updated the spawnStoreObject.sqf then later he updates it again which shows a different code. But this is how github shows commits as its keeps archived items in the "cloud" somewhere. This is why you are seeing the same file with two different things.

So the only way to see what has actually been updated is do what I do:

I download the A3W Altis DEV for example. Then I go to the commits section. I start where I left off before and I look for this instead of what exactly was changed: client/systems/vehicleStore/populateVehicleStore.sqf...Yes I do look a the changes inside the file like here:
From there I copy and replace each file I need to replace unless I have custom code inside a file. This is the first thing I look at. There may be times for example lets say Tuesday AgentRev makes a commit that we see then on Wednesday he makes another commit to the same file. Github gives us the ability to see the changes. So that is why you are seeing two different things to the same file even though its not actually the file you are looking at. You are looking at a "cloud" or archive copy which is the only way I can explain. Now, whenever for example I copy and replace my files I keep not in mind on what I replaced. If I see it again then there is no need to change it since I am using an updated copy of the Dev already. But there are times when I do download the Dev then right after I download it AgentRev actually makes a change. This has happened twice so far but its not often it happens.

Does this help and explain things better? I don't use pull request because we have a lot of edited or custom stuff we use on our Wasteland servers. I don't know if what AgentRev updates will append or edit out our custom code. So I just compare files, copy and replace when needed.

I know I might have said things twice but I was trying to explain it in detail for you. Sorry..

Everything you need is in the server/missions directory. Those are the only files that need to be edited.

JoSchaap, AgentRev, LouD created mission_Sniper.sqf created a sniper's nest like your talking about. So if you don't have that mission in your server/missions directory here is what you need to do to add it.

1. Get a copy of the mission file called mission_Sniper.sqf.

2. I would place it inside the server/missions/sideMissions directory.

3. Then you need to edit the setupMissionArrays.sqf located in the server/missions directory. The name of the sqf is called mission_Sniper so this is what you need to add for example to setupMissionArrays. So in setupMissionArrays.sqf and add ["mission_Sniper", 0.5], to the setupMissionArray inside the SideMissions = [
4. To understand things the 0.5 is the weight of the mission spawn which basically the less weight you give the less the server will spawn this mission. The range is from 0.0-1.

5. Now in my setupMissionArrays.sqf we have some extra code like this:

Code: [Select]
MissionSpawnMarkers = [];
SunkenMissionMarkers = [];
RoadblockMissionMarkers =[];
SniperMissionMarkers =[];
switch (true) do
case (["Mission_", _x] call fn_startsWith):
MissionSpawnMarkers pushBack [_x, false];
case (["SunkenMission_", _x] call fn_startsWith):
SunkenMissionMarkers pushBack [_x, false];
case (["RoadBlock_", _x] call fn_startsWith):
RoadblockMissionMarkers pushBack [_x, false];
case (["Sniper_", _x] call fn_startsWith):
SniperMissionMarkers pushBack [_x, false];

This is for the NAME of the variable you give the empty markers you place in Eden. So for example for the sniper mission it reads Sniper_ so any mission marker that starts with Sniper_ will be used. So you need to name your markers like this, Sniper_1, Sniper_2, Sniper_3 because you cannot have two markers with the same variable name as Eden will not allow you. Inside the mission file for example mission_Sniper.sqf, the marker name variable is being used like this:

Code: [Select]
_locationsArray = SniperMissionMarkers; which is on line 15 of mission_Sniper.sqf. What this is doing is telling Arma 3 to call an empty Sniper_x marker you created in Eden that you placed on the map. To do it correctly make sure you place a lot of empty Sniper_ markers on the map and give them a color. I cannot remember the color our's are but I think any color will be fine.

Its really that simple to add new missions to A3W. Myself I am going to start creating custom missions as I have some ideas for a few missions. All you need to do is learn what others did by looking at all the missions that are inside the mission's directory. Also there are servers that use a lot more missions than what AgentRev releases as AgentRev gave us a starting point so its up to us to create more. A lot of people just want to play the game instead of editing. Myself I haven't played Arma 3 in over a month as I have been editing the whole times off and on. I do this because I am medically retired Information Systems Specialists and since my retirement back in 2012 I have forgotten a lot of stuff and well if you don't keep that part of your brain trained you will lose just about everything.

Soulkobk also has his tutorial and if you follow it then you cannot go wrong. I just read his tutorial and it pretty much sums up everything I just said, WOW...

Its really not hard trust me. If I can do it anybody can.

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