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« posted: Jan 17, 2018, 02:22 AM »
The Artillery Strike is now implemented, and I dubbed the release v1.4b, with the changelog containing all that was done since v1.4. So, not much new stuff if you've been keeping up-to-date, but I wanted to make a proper changelog.

PLEASE UPDATE createVehicle.txt otherwise dropping the artillery tablet will cause a kick!

The artillery settings are in default_config.sqf, which you can copy-paste to your main_config.sqf

[Added] Artillery Strike in random mission crates
[Added] Player body marker
[Added] Diving gear to purchased RHIB, Speedboat, SDV
[Added] SDAR turret to SDV gunner
[Added] Object loading capacity to SDV
[Added] Tac-Ops DLC Police Van and Gorgon skins
[Added] Apex DLC laser designator skins
[Added] Saving of 'Autonomous' option for UAVs
[Changed] Private storage space 4 times bigger
[Changed] Allow towing of locked personal vehicles
[Changed] Allow boat purchase on dry land
[Changed] Disabled slingloading of locked vehicles
[Changed] UAVs now sellable
[Changed] Improved kill attribution
[Fixed] Resupply error for static weapons
[Fixed] Ejection of injured units
[Fixed] Static designator ownership saving
[Fixed] Saving of stashed uniform contents and weapon items
[Fixed] Disappearing parked vehicles
[Fixed] Annoying switch to rocket launcher on revive
[Fixed] Drowned on dry land
[Fixed] Camo nets not saving
[Fixed] Many minor changes and fixes

also the presence of an Artillery Strike in mission crates is defined in fn_refillbox.sqf, so if you're using a custom crate loot script then you might have to add it to yours
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Re: v1.4b

« Reply #1 posted: Jan 17, 2018, 04:16 AM »
Very nice one, thank you!
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Re: v1.4b

« Reply #2 posted: Jan 18, 2018, 11:47 PM »
As a heads up anyone using the "RandomCrateLoadout.sqf" by Soul, you'll need to convert your crates back to the vanilla version for them to spawn tablets.