Pre-release v0.9d is here :)

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Pre-release v0.9d is here :)

« posted: Oct 25, 2013, 11:20 AM »
So... About A3Wasteland by Team-Wasteland...

We have an initial pre-release out (v0.9d) This is off-course not a final release and will be improved over time!

It features the new redesigned UI and stores by KoS and alot of performance and fps improvements.

The Vehicle stores are still disabled in this build while being recoded to spawn vehicles server-sided (to avoid battleye kicks)

There is no 'human readable' change-log yet, but the commits AgentREV did are pretty well described. (listed at:

The binary PBO files and needed config files and be-filters for server owners are at:

Note: The stratis version still needs a little adjustment (some stores are facing the wrong way) but technically it should be playable!

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