Lucky's Wasteland

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Lucky's Wasteland

« posted: May 18, 2023, 06:21 AM »
Lucky's Wasteland

IP and Port:

Map: Malden
Version: Custom Update 15.2

What features we can given to you?
  • Whole new experience with Contact DLC's equipment and features
  • Almost 97% arma 3 equipment are available in store
  • More customize missions that other server do not have
  • Custom item? We have Defibrillator or AED, quad bike, water scooter and more...
  • Action like chop tree, transfer ownership, take/steal uniform, get in as passenger for few DLC and more...
  • Can arma jump before? We have climb with no mod
  • Dead in underwater and no be able to retrieve your gear? We got solution
  • Wanna base build? We offer you some good stuff in general store
  • Solo in attack helicopter? No worry we got head track for you when manual fire
  • We can use drive assist without light
  • Still searching for beacon one by one? Rename it and spawn
  • Dont have skill for land on aircraft carrier, we added you tailhook

We have Discord server and you might want to report bug or suggest feature there, Spartan Out
LeonZ#1848 on Discord
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Re: Lucky's Wasteland

« Reply #1 posted: May 18, 2023, 07:09 AM »
We welcome everyone, see ya!