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I am new to this forum but joined to receive help on a few errors I am having with wasteland. Currently I have added multiple items in to be spawned as loot in LSlootlists.sqf; and have not received any console errors from that file.

I have however received an error, since adding additional loot, in Lootspawner.sqf.

The following error pops up:

16:35:23 Error in expression <ddons\Lootspawner\Lootspawner.sqf"
getListBuildingnames = {
16:35:23   Error position: <getListBuildingnames = {
16:35:23   Error Missing ]
16:35:23 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\addons\Lootspawner\Lootspawner.sqf, line 83

And the code inside looks like this:

//Buildings that can spawn loot go in this list
#include "LSlootBuildings.sqf"
//Loot goes in these lists
#include "LSlootLists.sqf"

//function only runs once on beginning of mission, not really needs a compile
//fill spawnBuilding_list with buildingnames only
getListBuildingnames = {
      spawnBuilding_list pushBack (_x select 0);
      //diag_log format["-- LOOTSPAWNER DEBUG add to spawnBuilding_list: %1 ", (_x select 0)];
   }forEach Buildingstoloot_list;

Does anyone know what I can do to fix these errors?

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