Need some help with a few things!! ( Beginner Alert!! )

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Need some help with a few things!! ( Beginner Alert!! )

« posted: Jul 02, 2016, 10:21 AM »
Hi there,

I am very new and needing some help with a few things so thought i would just put them here and see if anyone can help.
I have already looked all over the forum and had a lot of questions answered but have a few things left I would like to change

I am using Creampies version of wasteland 1.3d i think.

1 how do I change the altitude of planes so they can go slightly higher?
2 how do I make the supporter loadout work, I have found it in addons but am unsure how to make it work?
3 is it possible to turn off the map screen that comes up after the roll assignment screen, the part where they can vote admin. and need to click continue.
4 The players money is stored even if I turn off the server, How do I make the kills deaths store full time also.

Many thanks to anyone that can help me. I am brand new to this and although it is fun.....MAN it can be frustrating :)

P.S Even if you can point me to a part of the forum that can help, I would appreciate it.