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Using gunstore warning for territory

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I'm looking for using "createGunStoreMarkers" function for territory. The idea is to indicate witch territory is under attack/capture.

Someone know where if it's possible and where is the better place to call this function?


That would be cool. I'm interested in this topic

It all depends on what you actually want to show on the map; the territory zone pattern and colors are very limited, and adding text is a different matter. You need to be more precise with your request.

The goal is to show when ennemy enter and start capturing a territory, with this warning each team can know who is capping and were and could be able to defend a previous caped territory.

In fact on the map:

Allies enter in territory and start to cap, the territory become yellow. If ennemy enter and contest the color become orange.
If blufor capture territory the area become blue, opfor red and indies green.

When territory is captured we can use plenty circle with transparency and when is under attack, capturing or contest we can use grid marker.

I believe that he refers to receiving the same Under Attack notification (or similar) that is received when you are in the Gun Store, but applied to the territories that belong to you. For example, if a territory captured by me is being captured by the enemy, notify me before they complete the capture of the territory.

Without necessarily being within the territory


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