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I'm not sure, but take a look in your missionProcessor.sqf. Only _vehicle/s are defined to be deleted.
Code: [Select]
if (_failed) then
// Mission failed

{ moveOut _x; deleteVehicle _x } forEach units _aiGroup;

if (!isNil "_failedExec") then { call _failedExec };

if (!isNil "_vehicle" && {typeName _vehicle == "OBJECT"}) then
deleteVehicle _vehicle;

if (!isNil "_vehicles" && {typeName _vehicles == "ARRAY"}) then
if (!isNil "_x" && {typeName _x == "OBJECT"}) then
deleteVehicle _x;
} forEach _vehicles;

Cannot see any _obj

Questions & Suggestions / Re: Developer
« on: Feb 04, 2021, 02:24 PM »
Try the attached folder. Therein are all mission, we had once .. think, 50+

Questions & Suggestions / Re: Removing side
« on: Jan 10, 2021, 10:12 PM »
Once we had a similar setup, only 2 factions.
And yeah, guess u fucked up sth. When trying to load your mission in Eden, it says one } is missing. Didn't want to look for other mistakes, so I downloaded the original pbo.

Unpack your pbo, so u have the folder. Copy this folder to directory documents/arma3 other profiles/your name/mpmissions.
Then open your Editor and load this mission.

On one little island in the south you should see this:

Delete all red (OPFOR) markers. But take care, don't delete the save zone marker! When done, it should look like this:

Save your mission and repack to pbo, upload and have fun.

ok, got it  8)

Well .. you told about the technics and how it would be scripted etc.
The more important question for me: why should be this implemented?

Most servers I'd been visiting, had the Scorcher & Sandstorm disabled, for good reasons. I see the difference, sure. But same way, I don't see any effort for the gameplay. *headscratch

Are you just here to be a pain in the backside? ..

Öhm, no?

The first time u mentioned I was asking about this 350k at start. Your answer was:

You might not get it but that's how that server works it's different.

..and 3 weeks later:


*Bounty System*

*No More 350k*

Money Has Been changed to 20k start with fair price lists

Anyway. Guess, that's how it works.  8)


Thank you for your kind donations helping are community survive!


For how long? 4 weeks? 2 months? 

But We Are ON £10 Out OF THE NEEDED Total £70!


Another naive question ..

Are wasteland
are community

Is this kinda' slang or have u meant our?

btw: happy new year  8)

Server Discussion / Re: CCG CustomCombatGaming A3 Wasteland
« on: Nov 14, 2017, 05:48 PM »
thats a shame chap, we need more wasteland servers not less  :(

Best of luck with upcoming projects  8)

Technical Support / Re: [v1.4]Injured players stuck in vehicle
« on: Nov 06, 2017, 07:22 AM »
Don't know if still needed.
And the (maybe) "solution" is 3 years old.

Try this.

Questions & Suggestions / Re: How can i implement this?
« on: Sep 23, 2017, 08:15 AM »
Sorry, I have no idea. Worked well, when we had it ..  :-\

Technical Support / Re: Weapon moving and Thermal Vision
« on: Sep 20, 2017, 03:54 PM »
Don't know, if this would still work in any way ..

Weapon sway #1 and #2.

Thermal in vehicles.

The Search of this forum is quite nice.  ;)

Technical Support / Re: Hi my storeconfig is buged
« on: Sep 20, 2017, 10:38 AM »
Code: [Select]
["Mk32 GMG 20mm High tripod", "I_GMG_01_high_F", 60000],
    //["Mk6 Mortar", "B_Mortar_01_F", 125000],
    //["Mk6 Mortar", "O_Mortar_01_F", 125000],
    //["Mk6 Mortar", "I_Mortar_01_F", 125000]


Code: [Select]
["Mk32 GMG 20mm High tripod", "I_GMG_01_high_F", 60000]

I would check this first  ::)

What u mean? He asked for the missions .. they should be included.

Found in my message folders ..

Don't know, if it still works.  8)

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