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Editing & Coding / Re: Update for Contact
« on: Aug 28, 2019, 09:36 AM »
Sounds like you might have used the wrong class names. Did you get the class names by placing them on the ground in the editor, or by exporting a character load out?

Technical Support / Re: HC setup
« on: Aug 25, 2019, 10:24 PM »
This is the line that I use to launch my HC:
Code: [Select]
start "" /min "C:\DEV_Server\DEVSERVER.exe" -client -filePatching "-servermod=C:\Mods\@infiSTAR_A3;C:\Mods\@extDB3;C:\Mods\@Serversidesmoke;C:\Mods\@AdvancedRappelling;C:\Mods\@AdvancedSlingLoading;C:\Mods\@AdvancedUrbanRappelling;C:\Mods\@AdvancedUrbanRappelling;C:\Mods\@CBA_A3;C:\Mods\@VcomAI;C:\Mods\@VCOMAIDriving" -enableHT -hugepages -noSound -world=empty -connect= -port=2302

You'll see that the -connect parameter is only the ip you need to put the port in the -port parameter. and the config parameter is only for the host you don't need it on the client.

Also in arma3server_x64.cfg:
Code: [Select]
headlessClients[] = {}; // list of IP addresses allowed to connect using headless clients; example: {"", ""};
localClient[] = {}; // list of IP addresses to which are granted unlimited bandwidth; example: {"", ""};

It's a good skill to have, but making a big post about it, and directly referencing a question that had been asked comes of condescending and discourages people from asking questions when they're stuck. Talking about it in a "Getting Started with Wasteland" type context would be one thing, but making a post about it in the forum that's specifically about help with code isn't the right place for it.

Editing & Coding / Re: Parking Garage
« on: Aug 25, 2019, 12:27 PM »
Yeah, parking requires Extdb.

I've attached a file for the scoreboard that is working the way you want (I do the same thing, session stats, and lifetime stats). You should compare the two and see what's different.

Technical Support / Re: HC setup
« on: Aug 25, 2019, 12:21 PM »
If your trying to set up an HC you need to add -client to the startup parameters, and make sure you have or local host whitelisted for HC connections in your server.cfg.

Dude. Not cool. If they're not familiar with sqf, wastelands code, or even coding in general that advice is just going to lead them down a rabbit whole of frustration and confusion.

Editing & Coding / Re: Parking Garage
« on: Aug 24, 2019, 08:44 AM »
First if you're using default_config.sqf make sure that you don't also have a main_config.sqf in your A3Wasteland_settings folder. The main_config setting will be used instead of default_config if it's present. Assuming you don't have any conflicts there, check your server logs for script errors.

Technical Support / Re: Disabling admin vote commands?
« on: Aug 14, 2019, 02:12 AM »
in your server config you need to set allowedVoteCmds to this:

Code: [Select]
allowedVoteCmds[] = // Voting commands allowed to players
// {command, preinit, postinit, threshold} - specifying a threshold value will override "voteThreshold" for that command
{"admin", false, false}, // vote admin
{"kick", false, false}, // vote kick
{"missions", false, false}, // mission change
{"mission", false, false}, // mission selection
{"restart", false, false}, // mission restart
{"reassign", false, false} // mission restart with roles unassigned

The above will disable all vote options.

Editing & Coding / Re: Placing Vehicle Flags
« on: Aug 14, 2019, 02:04 AM »
Did you ever get this sorted?

The best thing I can think to change is the is to modify the distances in client\functions\drawPlayerIcons.sqf

It controls how far the friendly markers show up (the blue, red, or green squares)

Editing & Coding / Re: R3F_LOG kind of borken
« on: Aug 14, 2019, 01:57 AM »
Have you made any changes to R3F or anything in persistence\server\world ?

You'd have to do some pretty deep edits in server\missions\missionProcessor.sqf This is what places and deletes the markers

Would have responded to this sooner, but it got lost in all the Russian spam.

General Discussion / Re: Custom path to -mod parameters
« on: Aug 01, 2019, 10:04 AM »
if your mods are in the server root folder then -mod:@mod1;@mod2;@mod3 will work just fine, make sure to enclose any mod folders with spaces in quotes, or just edit the mod folder to remove the spaces

if your mods are in a separate folder then you have to use the absolute path. Same rules apply with spaces.

General Discussion / Re: Custom path to -mod parameters
« on: Jul 31, 2019, 11:08 PM »
Yes. As long as it's an absolute path it works just fine.


you don't want to path to the mod.cfg though. just the mod folder

General Discussion / Re: Contact DLC
« on: Jul 29, 2019, 09:59 AM »
I'm kind of annoyed with BI. All of the Alien content is hidden in a completely separate game mode, which doesn't as of yet have multiplayer.

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