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To start off ive found a couple other posts about this but none were either solved or solved it for me.

Ive gotten my server fully working in every other aspect but at the title says when I open up the admin menu the buttons do nothing. My UID is in the admins.sqf correctly (I believe, see below) , and I know the A3Wasteland_settings folder is loading through TADST (2.7) correctly because main_config.sqf loads correctly.

For some more info I cant access the admin menu until I use "#login <password>" in chat, which I dont know if this is normal or not. This is how my admins.sqf server owner portion is set up:

// Server Owners: access to everything, including god mode, money, guns, and vehicles
serverOwners =
   // Put player UIDs here
   "myUID"  //myname

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