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Addons & Mods / More A3Wasteland Addons/Enhancements - soulkobk
« on: Nov 10, 2016, 08:57 AM »
As the title shows, I have written some more scripts for use within A3Wasteland which you can find on my github account.

You can check out my original blog post about it here.

As for an explanation (as copied from my blog post)...

purchaseFuel script, which disables free fuel at all fuel pump across any given map and attaches a cost for vehicles (land or air, including uav). You must have the carried money in order to refuel, and whether a total refuel or partial, you are charged for it. Jerry cans are still able to be filled for free though.

playerJump script, which is a script I wrote and tested quite a while ago, but only recently released. I wanted to see if it was possible to write a jump routine where as the screen did not visually glitch... and I succeeded. It took me a while to correct the jumping routine to as best I could manage within the script and animation bounds of Arma 3. Needless to say, compared to all the other jump scripts available (and the glitchy one in the default A3Wasteland mission), it is a LOT better.

globalChatMessages script, will rotate and display chat messages to each player. The messages are written within the script itself. This is able to be changed to whatever the server owner/admin would like to have displayed to all clients. The script is based purely client side.

titleTextMessages script, will rotate and display title text messages to all connected clients. The messages are written within a server-side script which is able to be changed on-the-fly. Upon server restarts, the script re-reads the server-side file for the current messages to display. This script is preferred over the globalChatMessages due to not needing to repack the mission.pbo each time the messages are changed.

cleanStores script, will locate all the available stores on the map of A3Wasteland, and attach a cleaning loop. This script will clean ALL objects listed in the configuration after a per-item duration (default 2 minutes) in order to keep the floors and immediate surrounding clean of discarded player items/weapons. The radius limit to where the cleaning extends to is also configurable.

buryDeadBody script, is a script to bury dead bodies at a cost (default $5000). I have seen other similar script(s), but thought I would write my own which functioned the way I would like (and hopefully others would like). To bury a dead body (eg, an enemy you just killed), you will need to have $5000 carried money to begin the process. A random timer between 30 and 60 seconds will commence in which is how long it will take to bury said body. Upon a successful bury, the body and all immediate surrounding objects/weapons will be removed/despawned. This script is useful for looting and disposing of the left-overs so that the enemy can not retrieve any of their gear.

afkTimer script, is a script to check for players that have gone AFK. I have noticed that some A3Wasteland servers have turned of food and drink, and some players take advantage of that and spawn in as BLUFOR or OPFOR, then hide and go AFK in order to farm money. This script puts an end to that, as if a player is AFK for longer than a duration (default 10 minutes), it will kick them back to the lobby.

cleanUpMissionObjects script, is a script that is to be used within A3Wasteland missions. This script will time and then remove all unlocked mission items after a time period once a mission is successfully completed. The script checks for players within the vicinity of said mission. If players exist within the mission area, the script will not delete/remove any object until there are no players around. The script also checks for locked objects and will not delete those that are locked.

fixTownStreetLamps script, is a script for turning lamps back to the on state. Many times I have noticed servers with a long night-time duration, and that players tend to shoot out town lamps in order to get complete darkness. This script will time loop and for all lamps that have been shot out, it will restore them to the on state in order to brighten the area back up. The lamps when turning back on have a somewhat realistic flicker effect (for player immersion).

outOfBounds script, is a script for checking that any player is within the bounds of the playable area for the map/mission. If a player is outside of the playable area which is marked visually on map by a blue circle/ellipse or is above a certain altitude, then an audible and visual warning with a count-down timer will appear on the players screen. If the count-down timer reaches 0 seconds aka player is still out-of-bounds, the player and any vehicle the player is in will be killed/destroyed. *NOTE, this was coded/scripted due to reading on a forum post that a player decided to go so far out-of-bounds, that Arma 3 crashed, but the A3Wasteland mission saved the players location, so upon returning to said server, the player would respawn on their last (out-of-bounds) location and Arma 3 would instantly crash again... *facepalm*

spawnBeaconDetector script, is for tracking down player spawn beacons. I was not happy with what was currently available for A3Wasteland, so I decided to write my own version from scratch. A player must have a mine-detector carried on them as well as being on foot in order to track spawn beacons. The sound effects emitted are in the 3D environment (not silent for all but the operator), which can reveal the players location should enemy be within the 100 meter range. Want to track beacons? There is a risk of giving away your position now... so track them down quick! The audible beeps for all to hear make a lot more sense to me rather than just an operator beep that no one else can hear... it is a detector after all, right?

I thought I would post this here to let A3Wasteland server administrators know about it, although I will be giving absolutely NO support on any of these scripts (unless I have made a mistake somewhere), as I don't have the time to give technical support (time is money!). None the less, I hope any or all of these scripts are of use to the A3Wasteland community to enhance the mission.


Addons & Mods / purchaseFuel
« on: Oct 17, 2016, 12:22 PM »
As the topic shows... this is a script for removing free refueling and applying purchasing at fuel outlets/stations for all land and air vehicles (uav's included).

You can find the two required scripts and image over on my github -> (script updated to version 1.0.5, see change log in header of scripts, please read the installation information as it has changed!).

My script gathers ALL fuel outlets/stations on the map, then removes the free fuel, and adds an action (and price) so that whether you're in a land vehicle or air vehicle or the driver of a UAV... it's going to cost you to refuel (must be within 10 meters of the fuel outlet, and look directly at the outlet for the option to pop up).

If you partial refuel (cancel after it has begun refueling)... it WILL still cost you (partial cost), so you can't 'glitch fill' your vehicle for free. Want free fuel? Use the 'jerry cans'. :P

  • Scenario.... Drive up to refuel, scroll wheel, 'Purchase Fuel' (and follow the on-screen prompts)... it's that simple. Make sure that you are the driver/operator of said vehicle, else the refueling will abort.

Please note that refueling 'jerry cans' is still 100% FREE, as my script is a 3rd party/separate/standalone script. In order to apply a cost to 'jerry cans', the current A3Wasteland code would need to be modified (not something I intend on doing).

Please read the header of each script (there are two scripts that make purchaseFuel function) for the installation information, as I intend on only giving very limited support.

*Script updated to version 1.0.5, tested (and functioning as intended) by myself, griffinZS and EntraVenuS.



Addons & Mods / randomSoldierLoadOut
« on: Oct 10, 2016, 06:52 AM »
Sick and tired of the same AI at every mission that have the exact same load out? Then you may want to check this new script out, which you can find at the link...

Code: [Select]
This script will load out each AI unit randomly with...

+ Uniform (default/guarenteed addition)
+ Head Gear (percentage chance addition)
+ Vest (percentage chance addition)
+ Back Pack (percentage chance addition)
+ Primary Weapon (default/guarenteed addition)
+ Primary Weapon Muzzle (percentage chance addition)
+ Primary Weapon Pointer (percentage chance addition)
+ Primary Weapon Optic (percentage chance addition)
+ Health Kit(s) (percentage chance addition) - unit will also have 'Medic' trait
+ Grenade(s) (percentage chance addition)
+ Rocket Launcher (percentage chance addition) - unit will also have a back pack added

The script does a 100% random load out (using probability) to each individual AI soldier (as shown above).

It works extremely well, and gives the players more enticement to actually do missions (along side my new crate load out script), as by default, the AI now have semi-decent to decent gear, therefore they will be harder to kill, but the reward is better.

Any questions, let me know.


Addons & Mods / randomCrateLoadOut
« on: Oct 09, 2016, 02:39 PM »
My script/function replaces the standard 'fn_refillbox' function within mission scripts for crates that spawn at mission completion. *100% random loot within! Lots of gear? Bugger all gear? Luck of the draw! :D

You can see/grab it on the link below...


The crate load out is 100% random each and every time... see the header of the file on how to set it up for you mission.

Search all your mission files for 'fn_refillbox' and replace that line.


Code: [Select]
[_box1, "mission_USSpecial"] call fn_refillbox;
Code: [Select]
_box1 call randomCrateLoadOut;
...Within your mission sqf code structure.

The configuration of the script is fully editable within the top part of the script. You are able to add and remove items with ease (class list was pulled from the configuration of APEX), as well as adjust the minimum and maximum number of each class/item.

Any questions, let me know.

P.S. See this cross post should you need further explanation.


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