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I really really missed the old NLU setup by LouD so I thought why not make it myself and now here it is.

I don't have the internet connection to run it at home so quick google search told me has the cheapest slots and with 94/100 score on the decision was easy and I have to give 100/100.

So what have I done here:

Supply trucks have been replaced with the good old ammo truck. Why? Makes no sense to me to buy an supply truck and then pay for the ammo inside it.

Some capturable territories edited and added new ones to total of 40.

44 towns to spawn in.

Madhouse, a "fortress" in NW corner with all 3 stores.

Server restart message script by soulkobk.

New missions:

Altis Patrol - original by LouD
Military Patrol - original by LouD
Hostile VTOL - by me -
Bankrobber - by me
And more - come and see.

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