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Editing & Coding / Parking(garage) cooldown
« on: Jul 12, 2018, 02:05 PM »
Hey, wondering how to implement 3-5 minutes cooldown on garage usage? Trying to avoid players taking out a tank shooting 2 shots and parking it back immediately.
I see that in pp_actions_functions.sqf there is a pp_get_wait_time and pp_retrieve_wait. But seems like its not used, am i right? How do i turn it on and also implement it for storing?

Technical Support / Can't disable 'show kills in chat'
« on: Apr 27, 2018, 12:51 PM »
Hey, turning it on and off and kills still show in chat regardless if killfeed is on.

Technical Support / Another driving assist? bug
« on: Apr 11, 2018, 12:00 AM »
You tow a vehicle(veh1) with vehicle(veh2).
You place veh1 in virtual garage.
Veh2 loses ability to get in as driver.
Using r3f 3.1, maybe its because of it?
To fix it should tow veh2 to something and it gets fixed.

Technical Support / Mortairs rearm price is 500
« on: Apr 06, 2018, 03:01 AM »
Seems like something is not reading their correct price from storeConfig. They cost 50k to buy and 500(default) to service. Any fix please?

Question is in subject. Is there an easy way to disable that on r3f v3.1?

Editing & Coding / Team balancing script
« on: Apr 05, 2018, 07:50 PM »
Hey, i'm using this script:
Disabled indie team locking. Balancing script does work "sometimes". I get in and see it's throwing me out to smaller group. But mostly it looks like:
Any way to fix it?
I want it to balance red/blue only.

Hey Agent, can you please implement that? Right now people can tow or lift all vehicles created with mission_VehicleCapture.sqf as it seems.
I can do myself but don't want to desync with your github.

Hey, trying to make it read faction from IR grenade store config. Is there a simple way to put it with other grenades and satchel charges?

And would like to execute the following script that should go into init.sqf:
Code: [Select]
player addEventHandler ["Fired", {private ["_grn"]; _grn = _this; [[_grn, "addons\scripts\ir_to_incendiary.sqf"],"BIS_fnc_execVM",true,true] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;}];
How to convert it from BIS_fnc_MP properly? And what file to paste it into?
Script adds nice visual effects to IR flash.

They don't show up in item list and give zero money. Any special reason for it? Clearly have them in storeconfig. Latest wasteland. No errors in rpt.

Editing & Coding / Unlock uniforms for all factions
« on: Mar 10, 2018, 02:09 AM »
Is there a way without using client mod?

Editing & Coding / Multiple servers and bank money
« on: Mar 05, 2018, 01:35 AM »
Have 2 servers. Old and new.
I noticed that when "old" player comes first time to "new" server his bank money is copied from there into new record in playerstatus with different mapId. Later on the bank money desyncs between these 2 servers. Is there an easy way to make it sync between servers always? Or did i misconfigure something and it is supposed to sync always?

Technical Support / Best way to host myself between servers?
« on: Mar 03, 2018, 07:11 PM »
Hey, how do i make it share player database between 2 separate dedicated machines with different maps? Just make one of them connect to another remotely with mysql user or is there some better way that i miss?
Or a master-master replication maybe? Just trying to not break anything.
I want users to have their accounts available on both servers.
Shall both maps use the same database name?

Technical Support / fn_enableDriverAssist.sqf bug?
« on: Mar 03, 2018, 04:39 PM »
Hey, so we noticed for few times already that sometimes the AI driver stays "inside" the vehicle alone and then you can't get in as driver. No idea how did players do that, couldn't get this info from them. Is there a way to add some check and delete the AI if he's alone in the vehicle?

p.s. found a way to make it happen. Jumping out without turning off driving assist leaves the AI inside.. Probably that's what happened to all of them. Can you make it to disable assist if one who turned it on is gone from vehicle or something like that?

Technical Support / Make vehicles spawn a bit higher
« on: Feb 26, 2018, 04:54 PM »
Since latest? arma update purchased and spawned vehicles spawn in the ground a bit and explode.
Players reporting things like "I parked a Huron and called it out and half the thing was in the ground".
What is a good way to make them spawn just a bit higher? Or maybe spawn them with godmode for few seconds?

Technical Support / AIs stuck on spawn island
« on: Feb 17, 2018, 08:44 PM »
It's not the first time i notice it. But now the server is busy and spawn island has 10-15 AIs stuck on it. Can't delete or kill them. Does it happen when players get kicked by BE? Is there any solution to it?
Don't think its relevant to this post and i do have disabledAI=1; in description.ext
It's not all slots full with AI, seems like maybe when player is kicked during spawn he becomes AI?
And i dont see arma AI names in player list or lobby.

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