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Technical Support / a couple of errors in my RPT
« on: Mar 13, 2019, 12:06 AM »
What's with this error?
Code: [Select]
23:34:43   Error position: <params [["_object",objNull,[objNull]], [>
23:34:43   Error Params: Type Group, expected Object
23:34:43 File server\functions\setupMissionObject.sqf [A3W_fnc_setupMissionObject], line 9

This one too.
Code: [Select]
23:34:45 Error in expression <_val;

_veh setVariable [_var, _val, true];
} forEach _variables;

if >
23:34:45   Error position: <_val, true];
} forEach _variables;

if >
23:34:45   Error Undefined variable in expression: _val
23:34:45 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\persistence\server\world\fn_restoreSavedVehicle.sqf, line 122
It is spamming almost all the time

Subject of greater complexity.
I urge my players to lock and use their autonomous weapons within their bases (in my version I use the BoS addon) as an exclusive defensive purpose, and thus avoid being left near the stores, ATMs, or enemy bases in a troll plan.

Would it be possible to force the AI not to attack until they are locked, and in turn these can only be locked within a radius close to the object that defines the base of the player (the satellite phone, in this case)?

Something like:
If case {static autonomous}
If distance_to "Land_SatellitePhone_F" is_not (less than or equal) than actual_BaseRadius*, then force R3F_islocked = false;
until R3F_ isLocked = true; force "green" (or the most pacifist color)
Sorry for the mess, but I hope you get the idea. And I do not know where I would put this code. LOL. God! I have to learn to code in ArmA 3!

*that number must be the current radius of each base so that it is always inside and so they can be resupplied and rearmed from the BoS menu.

For example:
This is the code used to detect the radius of the base.
Code: [Select]
// @file Version:
// @file Name:
// @file Author: Cael817, all credit to Killzone Kid Edited by: BIB_Monkey
// @file Created:
private _manager = nearestObject [player, "Land_SatellitePhone_F"];
private _ManagerPosition = getpos _manager;
//Get manager level
private _ManagerLevel = _manager getVariable ["ManagerLevel", 1];
//set default base radius for level 1 manager
private _BaseRadius = 10;
//set base radius based on manager level
switch (_ManagerLevel) do
case (2):
_BaseRadius = 20;
case (3):
_BaseRadius = 30;
case (4):
_BaseRadius = 40;
case (5):
_BaseRadius = 50;
if (!local _x) then
private _setOwner_time = time;
[_x, "setOwnerTo", player] call R3F_LOG_FNCT_exec_commande_MP; // Requires R3F 3.1
waitUntil {local _x || time > _setOwner_time + 1.5};

_x setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0];
_x setHit ["light_2_hitpoint", 0];
_x setHit ["light_3_hitpoint", 0];
_x setHit ["light_4_hitpoint", 0];
_x setHit ["light_1_hit", 0];
_x setHit ["light_2_hit", 0];
_x setHit ["light_3_hit", 0];
_x setHit ["light_4_hit", 0];
_x setVariable ["lights", "on", true];
} forEach nearestObjects [_ManagerPosition, [
], _BaseRadius, true];

hint "Lights ON";

It is possible that more than one player intends to lock one of his autonomous static weapons within the area of an enemy base; but I think that the base system itself does not allow it; since the area must belong to you for it.


Using the playerinfo\LastSide table from DB, can I lock players in their a faction between server restarts? If I can, how?



How can I find third-party add-on functions to add to the CfgRemoteExec_fnc.hpp?
For example:
Code: [Select]
class AR_Rappel_From_Heli { allowedTargets=2; };
I know it depends on the addon, but is there a general way to locate them?

In my case, today, I can't see the backpack "on my chest" on dedicated server, but in Host mode, or SP, I do can see it. I think it's because there is some function that's not added to CfgRemoteExec_fnc.hpp, that's way is not visible.

In case someone wants to help me. This is the list of things that I need to fix.

Basically integrate ACE with FAR REVIVE.

Given the lack of integration of ACE Medical and FAR_Revive, the killfeed does not work properly. Everyone dies bled or suicide. It may be that using the acex_killtracker works, but I'm not sure, because it looks like something different.

Friendly Fire:
No Punish or Forgive options.

Death from dehydration and / or hunger:
I can't restore damage (Health) from 0% level. Provisionally I added ace_setCardiacArrest when the hunger or thirst reaches zero; but it does not let me revive them because when I revive them they fall unconscious again. maybe later I'll add a sleep.

Health Percent (HUD) vs. ACE actual health:
The number doesn't match. ACE doesn't had any measure, I think. (I remove Health percent from HUD, for now)

And statistics:
Does not count the P.Kill and AI.Kill, because the players and AI die bled after the revive state of ACE; and it does not allow to solve who is the killer. Again, acex_killtracker could be the answer.

@AgentRev, the version of A3Wasteland that you spoke to me, does not integrate completely with the ACE, nor its medical system.

Saludos, Feliz Año Nuevo!

I am struck by how little I have seen, and how poorly achieved the integration of ACE3 and A3Wasteland. I do not want to say that A3Wasteland lacks attractiveness, it is a magnificent mod, but the diversity that ACE3 offers expands the range of possibilities for this particular mod.

Several years ago I have been modified A3Wasteland. As I have not had internet so far, I could not share my misfortunes trying to correct errors, optimizing and guessing (because of programming I know absolutely nothing) how to mix both worlds; and I have advanced more on my own than I have found on the internet. Why?

I hope someone helps me and that we can finally achieve full integration. I almost achieved it.

I was trying to make sure that when you buy a vehicle the player's keys will be assigned to the player. The only thing I achieved was this:

Code: [Select]
// ******************************************************************************************
// * This project is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3. Copyright © 2016 *
// ******************************************************************************************
// @file Name: takeOwnership.sqf
// @file Author: MercyfulFate, AgentRev
// @file Description: Acquire the nearest vehicle

#define DURATION 60
#define ANIMATION "AinvPknlMstpSlayWrflDnon_medic"

private _vehicle = ["LandVehicle", "Air", "Ship"] call mf_nearest_vehicle;
private _checks =
params ["_progress", "_vehicle"];
private _failed = true;
private _text = _vehicle call fn_canTakeOwnership;

if (_text isEqualTo "") then
_text = format ["Adquiriendo %1%2 completado", round (100 * _progress), "%"];
_failed = false;

[_failed, _text]

_success = [[DURATION, 5] select (_vehicle getVariable ["ownerUID","0"] isEqualTo getPlayerUID player), ANIMATION, _checks, [_vehicle]] call a3w_actions_start;
if (_success) then
    player removeItem "ACE_key_master";
[_vehicle, player] call A3W_fnc_takeOwnership;
[player, _vehicle, true] call ace_vehiclelock_fnc_addKeyForVehicle;
["Acquiring complete!", 5] call mf_notify_client;



Code: [Select]
[player, _vehicle, true] call ace_vehiclelock_fnc_addKeyForVehicle; on ``_success``

This I did for when you acquire ownership of a vehicle, and it works. But I do not find where to do it when you shop in the store.

Also, is there any way to add in game a custom name to an items in the inventory?
The problem is that the ACE keys are stacked and you can not tell which key is from which vehicle.

Hi, again:

In my server, the users belong to a fixed faction (Blufor or Opfor, except for Indies); everyone knows to each other and that create competition. That’s OK for us.

But, some time users exploit the fact server can’t lock into a faction between server restart, they play in the enemy faction, localize bases, and destroy vehicles for revenge o simple indiscipline. Then they bail out and wait until next restart. To persuade I restart once a day, every 24h, that’s not enough and s**ks por server performance.

That makes me crazy, because a have to check it every day databases, and ban users. That’s not OK.
I notice database saves the last faction we play, so how can I use that info to lock players? Please, help.

Technical Support / i can't interact with vehicles and crates
« on: Sep 24, 2018, 05:19 PM »

I was trying merge BIB A3Wasteland 1.4 and Armory A3Wasteland 1.4 into a new Super Duper Awesome A3Wasteland with ACE3, RHS, TFAR, Urban Rappeling, Adv Towing, Blastcore, Enhanced Movement, Immerse, MOCAP modding, NPCs on territories, etc....

At some point I lost my Scroll Menú interaction with vehicles (get in Driver, gunner, Inventory, etc..), and crates (Open Inventory). The rest of option still there: Player Menu, R3F options, etc...)
For now, I use Enhanced Movement and ACE interactions for vehicles and crates, but that's not working for me (and muy users)

I was try with other untouch A3Wasteland and its work fine. Is my engendro the broken one.

even I was try overwrite mission.sqm and description.ext, just in case, but nothing.

I don't want start over from scratch, there's tons off changes. Please help. and excuse my french ;)

(by the way; my server is on a internetless network, called SNET in La Habana, Cuba. google it)

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