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this was something that I avoided as much as possible; but the circumstances force me to experiment and learn to modify the DB sooner or later.
@agentRev had already suggested that need by adding the BackpackOnChest addon to the ArmA3_A3Wasteland; but I refused and now here I am.
the thing is, I added three new tables to "playersave": backpackonchest (string), backpackonchestitem (array) and backpackonchestmags (array).
and I gave identical properties to the tables that contain similar elements, that is, the same characteristics of the backpack table for the backpackonchest table, the same for backpackitems and backpackmagazines.
in the getplayerdata.sqf file I added the code
Code: [Select]
_zade_backpack = [_player] call zade_boc_fnc_chestpack;
_zade_backpackItem= [_player, false] call zade_boc_fnc_chestpackItem;
_zade_backpackMags = [_player] call zade_boc_fnc_chestpackMagazines;
{ _data pushBack _x } forEach
[ [ "Backpackonchest", _zade_backpack],
[ "Backpackonchestitem", _zade_backpackitem],
[ "Backpackonchestmags", _zade_backpackmags] ];

I also added
Code: [Select]
["Backpackonchest", "STRING"] call _getValue;

["Backpackonchestitem", "ARRAY"] call _getValue;

["Backpackonchestmags", "ARRAY"] call _getValue;

in the default\LoadAccount.sqf file

Code: [Select]

in the extDB\LoadAcount.sqf file; the one who says "the order of these values is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!"

All this worked perfectly to save the info correctly in the Database, but does not apply it to the player

Now, in the applyplayerdata.sqf file I put:

Code: [Select]
Case "Backpackonchest": { if (_value !="") then { [player, _value] call zade_boc_fnc_addChestpack } };

Case "Backpackonchestitem": { { if (_value !="") then { [player, _x] call zade_boc_fnc_addChestpack } forEach _value } };

Case "Backpackonchestmags": { { if (_value !="") then { [player, _x] call zade_boc_fnc_addMagToChestpack } forEach _value } };
But it does not work. the client stays on the Loading Preview Location screen forever
Please, help!

by the way, absolutely nothing related appears in the .rpt file. Everything seems to be normal.

(Note, I used Google Translate to create this post, and I wrote the codes manually here, they are not copy and paste from the actual files, because I'm using my phone rigth now)

Editing & Coding / Little concern with ACE3 HITPOINT
« on: Sep 02, 2019, 08:32 PM »
I want to save the damage of each hitpoint modified by ACE3 in the DB.
In the default form of A3Wasteland is:

Code: [Select]
_hitPoints = [];
_hpDamage = getAllHitPointsDamage _player;

if (_x != "") then
_hitPoints pushBack [_x, (_hpDamage select 2) select _forEachIndex];
} forEach (_hpDamage select 0);

{ _data pushBack _x } forEach
["Damage", damage _player],
["HitPoints", _hitPoints],
["Money", _player getVariable ["cmoney", 0]] // Money is always saved, but only restored if A3W_moneySaving = 1

Now, the way to get the hitpoint translated by ACE3 and its damage I think is kinda:
Code: [Select]

//Get the hitpoint and the index
params [["_selection", "", [""]]];
_selection = toLower _selection;
if (_selection != "" && {!(_selection in GVAR(SELECTIONS))}) exitWith {0};
private _hitpoint = [_player, _selection, true] call ace_medical_fnc_translateSelections;
(getAllHitPointsDamage _player) params [["_allHitPoints", []]];
private _hitpointIndex = -1;
{   //case insensitive find
    if (_x == _hitpoint) exitWith {_hitpointIndex = _forEachIndex;};
} forEach _allHitPoints;
if (_hitpointIndex < 0) exitWith {0};

private _currentDamage = _player getHitIndex _hitpointIndex;

the GVAR macro variable (SELECTIONS) refers to

ace_medical_selections (without quotes)

and refers to the new translated and simplified ACE3 hitpoints.

Now; How do I save it in the DB with this new way?

Editing & Coding / Where define hunger and thirst levels?
« on: Mar 30, 2019, 09:47 AM »
This is the way to get the hunger and thirst values ​​that ACEX Fields Rations uses:

Code: [Select]
player getvariable ["acex_field_rations_hunger", 0]
player getvariable ["acex_field_rations_thirst", 0]

 In my effort to make the original survival system converge with that of ACEX3, I need to know where I define in ArmA3_A3Wasteland that the values ​​of "hungerLevel" and "thirstLevel" are the value of the acex field rations system. in this way I do not have to modify so much the alert systems, causes of death, database, etc ... I think it's in getPlayerData.sqf, line 13 and 14; it is right?

Actual code:
Code: [Select]
["Hunger", ["hungerLevel", 0] call getPublicVar],
["Thirst", ["thirstLevel", 0] call getPublicVar],

What am I supposed to do?

 I know that I must still modify several things in initSurvival to adapt it, but to begin with I need to define that hunger or thirst levels refers to acex_field_rations_

By the way, today I managed to run the killfeed and the statistics with the ACE3. I'm so proud of myself. The only thing that AI kills does not count, but who cares, right?

Editing & Coding / How do I define a default pose?
« on: Mar 29, 2019, 12:28 AM »
How do I define a default pose?

 I want that as long as the player is not in combat mode, lower the aim, the weapon, automatically (the same as press twice left Ctrl) until the player clicks to shoot or enters automatically in combat mode (if he is shot).

Do you know what I mean?

Technical Support / a couple of errors in my RPT
« on: Mar 13, 2019, 12:06 AM »
What's with this error?
Code: [Select]
23:34:43   Error position: <params [["_object",objNull,[objNull]], [>
23:34:43   Error Params: Type Group, expected Object
23:34:43 File server\functions\setupMissionObject.sqf [A3W_fnc_setupMissionObject], line 9

This one too.
Code: [Select]
23:34:45 Error in expression <_val;

_veh setVariable [_var, _val, true];
} forEach _variables;

if >
23:34:45   Error position: <_val, true];
} forEach _variables;

if >
23:34:45   Error Undefined variable in expression: _val
23:34:45 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\persistence\server\world\fn_restoreSavedVehicle.sqf, line 122
It is spamming almost all the time

Subject of greater complexity.
I urge my players to lock and use their autonomous weapons within their bases (in my version I use the BoS addon) as an exclusive defensive purpose, and thus avoid being left near the stores, ATMs, or enemy bases in a troll plan.

Would it be possible to force the AI not to attack until they are locked, and in turn these can only be locked within a radius close to the object that defines the base of the player (the satellite phone, in this case)?

Something like:
If case {static autonomous}
If distance_to "Land_SatellitePhone_F" is_not (less than or equal) than actual_BaseRadius*, then force R3F_islocked = false;
until R3F_ isLocked = true; force "green" (or the most pacifist color)
Sorry for the mess, but I hope you get the idea. And I do not know where I would put this code. LOL. God! I have to learn to code in ArmA 3!

*that number must be the current radius of each base so that it is always inside and so they can be resupplied and rearmed from the BoS menu.

For example:
This is the code used to detect the radius of the base.
Code: [Select]
// @file Version:
// @file Name:
// @file Author: Cael817, all credit to Killzone Kid Edited by: BIB_Monkey
// @file Created:
private _manager = nearestObject [player, "Land_SatellitePhone_F"];
private _ManagerPosition = getpos _manager;
//Get manager level
private _ManagerLevel = _manager getVariable ["ManagerLevel", 1];
//set default base radius for level 1 manager
private _BaseRadius = 10;
//set base radius based on manager level
switch (_ManagerLevel) do
case (2):
_BaseRadius = 20;
case (3):
_BaseRadius = 30;
case (4):
_BaseRadius = 40;
case (5):
_BaseRadius = 50;
if (!local _x) then
private _setOwner_time = time;
[_x, "setOwnerTo", player] call R3F_LOG_FNCT_exec_commande_MP; // Requires R3F 3.1
waitUntil {local _x || time > _setOwner_time + 1.5};

_x setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0];
_x setHit ["light_2_hitpoint", 0];
_x setHit ["light_3_hitpoint", 0];
_x setHit ["light_4_hitpoint", 0];
_x setHit ["light_1_hit", 0];
_x setHit ["light_2_hit", 0];
_x setHit ["light_3_hit", 0];
_x setHit ["light_4_hit", 0];
_x setVariable ["lights", "on", true];
} forEach nearestObjects [_ManagerPosition, [
], _BaseRadius, true];

hint "Lights ON";

It is possible that more than one player intends to lock one of his autonomous static weapons within the area of an enemy base; but I think that the base system itself does not allow it; since the area must belong to you for it.


Using the playerinfo\LastSide table from DB, can I lock players in their a faction between server restarts? If I can, how?



How can I find third-party add-on functions to add to the CfgRemoteExec_fnc.hpp?
For example:
Code: [Select]
class AR_Rappel_From_Heli { allowedTargets=2; };
I know it depends on the addon, but is there a general way to locate them?

In my case, today, I can't see the backpack "on my chest" on dedicated server, but in Host mode, or SP, I do can see it. I think it's because there is some function that's not added to CfgRemoteExec_fnc.hpp, that's way is not visible.

In case someone wants to help me. This is the list of things that I need to fix.

Basically integrate ACE with FAR REVIVE.

Given the lack of integration of ACE Medical and FAR_Revive, the killfeed does not work properly. Everyone dies bled or suicide. It may be that using the acex_killtracker works, but I'm not sure, because it looks like something different.

Friendly Fire:
No Punish or Forgive options.

Death from dehydration and / or hunger:
I can't restore damage (Health) from 0% level. Provisionally I added ace_setCardiacArrest when the hunger or thirst reaches zero; but it does not let me revive them because when I revive them they fall unconscious again. maybe later I'll add a sleep.

Health Percent (HUD) vs. ACE actual health:
The number doesn't match. ACE doesn't had any measure, I think. (I remove Health percent from HUD, for now)

And statistics:
Does not count the P.Kill and AI.Kill, because the players and AI die bled after the revive state of ACE; and it does not allow to solve who is the killer. Again, acex_killtracker could be the answer.

@AgentRev, the version of A3Wasteland that you spoke to me, does not integrate completely with the ACE, nor its medical system.

Saludos, Feliz Año Nuevo!

I am struck by how little I have seen, and how poorly achieved the integration of ACE3 and A3Wasteland. I do not want to say that A3Wasteland lacks attractiveness, it is a magnificent mod, but the diversity that ACE3 offers expands the range of possibilities for this particular mod.

Several years ago I have been modified A3Wasteland. As I have not had internet so far, I could not share my misfortunes trying to correct errors, optimizing and guessing (because of programming I know absolutely nothing) how to mix both worlds; and I have advanced more on my own than I have found on the internet. Why?

I hope someone helps me and that we can finally achieve full integration. I almost achieved it.

I was trying to make sure that when you buy a vehicle the player's keys will be assigned to the player. The only thing I achieved was this:

Code: [Select]
// ******************************************************************************************
// * This project is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3. Copyright © 2016 *
// ******************************************************************************************
// @file Name: takeOwnership.sqf
// @file Author: MercyfulFate, AgentRev
// @file Description: Acquire the nearest vehicle

#define DURATION 60
#define ANIMATION "AinvPknlMstpSlayWrflDnon_medic"

private _vehicle = ["LandVehicle", "Air", "Ship"] call mf_nearest_vehicle;
private _checks =
params ["_progress", "_vehicle"];
private _failed = true;
private _text = _vehicle call fn_canTakeOwnership;

if (_text isEqualTo "") then
_text = format ["Adquiriendo %1%2 completado", round (100 * _progress), "%"];
_failed = false;

[_failed, _text]

_success = [[DURATION, 5] select (_vehicle getVariable ["ownerUID","0"] isEqualTo getPlayerUID player), ANIMATION, _checks, [_vehicle]] call a3w_actions_start;
if (_success) then
    player removeItem "ACE_key_master";
[_vehicle, player] call A3W_fnc_takeOwnership;
[player, _vehicle, true] call ace_vehiclelock_fnc_addKeyForVehicle;
["Acquiring complete!", 5] call mf_notify_client;



Code: [Select]
[player, _vehicle, true] call ace_vehiclelock_fnc_addKeyForVehicle; on ``_success``

This I did for when you acquire ownership of a vehicle, and it works. But I do not find where to do it when you shop in the store.

Also, is there any way to add in game a custom name to an items in the inventory?
The problem is that the ACE keys are stacked and you can not tell which key is from which vehicle.

Hi, again:

In my server, the users belong to a fixed faction (Blufor or Opfor, except for Indies); everyone knows to each other and that create competition. That’s OK for us.

But, some time users exploit the fact server can’t lock into a faction between server restart, they play in the enemy faction, localize bases, and destroy vehicles for revenge o simple indiscipline. Then they bail out and wait until next restart. To persuade I restart once a day, every 24h, that’s not enough and s**ks por server performance.

That makes me crazy, because a have to check it every day databases, and ban users. That’s not OK.
I notice database saves the last faction we play, so how can I use that info to lock players? Please, help.

Technical Support / i can't interact with vehicles and crates
« on: Sep 24, 2018, 05:19 PM »

I was trying merge BIB A3Wasteland 1.4 and Armory A3Wasteland 1.4 into a new Super Duper Awesome A3Wasteland with ACE3, RHS, TFAR, Urban Rappeling, Adv Towing, Blastcore, Enhanced Movement, Immerse, MOCAP modding, NPCs on territories, etc....

At some point I lost my Scroll Menú interaction with vehicles (get in Driver, gunner, Inventory, etc..), and crates (Open Inventory). The rest of option still there: Player Menu, R3F options, etc...)
For now, I use Enhanced Movement and ACE interactions for vehicles and crates, but that's not working for me (and muy users)

I was try with other untouch A3Wasteland and its work fine. Is my engendro the broken one.

even I was try overwrite mission.sqm and description.ext, just in case, but nothing.

I don't want start over from scratch, there's tons off changes. Please help. and excuse my french ;)

(by the way; my server is on a internetless network, called SNET in La Habana, Cuba. google it)

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