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Editing & Coding / Html Loaded Welcome/Info/Stats/Etc
« on: Jun 14, 2015, 09:02 AM »
Something I've wanted to do for some time. Took me several hours to learn dialogs and get this basic thing down. It'll be up on github tomorrow

stats will be used with UID. stats.php?uid=uid. However Arma doesn't like the ending of that extension so url rewrites will need to be used.


Community started in May of 2014, TOPARMA

Our community is over 78,000 UID's that have connected to our hive.







We have two datacenters, one on the US East and one on the US West. All equipment, bandwidth and rackspace is purchased with donations from the community. We do not rent equipment. Currently we have 7 dedicated servers split between the two datacenters.

We started out with one server because we got tired of constantly getting kicked from another server for reserved slots or making room for admin buddies.

Over the course of two weeks we had a server full, we pondered what it would take to create another server with linked data. We soon found a solution and opened four servers up within one month, all full on weekends. We expanded to 8 servers at one point because it is fun to see a community grow so quickly.

I am the main person responsible for managing and updating the TOPArma mission, some help is provided by others within the community. It is time that I start to limit my involvement in advancing the TOParma mission and focus on maintaining and community growth.

If you feel like you'd like to come on and advance the TOPARMA.COM mission, speak up. Everything we do is open and transparent. We built this community to be for gamers without all of the BS.

See ya on the Battlefield.

Hosting & Management / BattlEye Community Ban List
« on: Dec 02, 2014, 05:49 PM »
Wiking and I started brainstorming ideas on sharing bans.txt between each other. I started tossing around the idea of using we php/mysql framework to store bans in the database, then have php generate bans.txt depending on what you want.

The main reason I started this is because the admin ability within Arma is garbage. To effectively allow banning of a suspect, a player needs access the server admin password (which will never be given out), access to BEC (which is clunky and give no unbanning ability), access to bans.txt (which provides no auditing ability and is clunky).

If we created a php/mysql front end with different levels of access, it would benefit many.

We really need someone that can code in php with mysql knowledge. I am not a coder and have done my best for some general concepts.

If you would like to help out and provide some coding, it would be awesome.

BattlEye Community Ban List (ArmA3)

Goal is to provide a central banlist solution for A3Wasteland servers, although this could be extended to all server that use BattlEye bans.txt

Administration Interface, Different access levels (Group Admin, High Admin, Low Admin)
Administration Interface, Auditing for admin actions, requiring notes. Different admin levels provide different ban options.
Provide configurable canned reasons, messages, and time frames (configure what is display'd)
Provide groups, seperating server owners from other server owners, for different ban list options.
Provide hashed link to wget bans.txt (global) or different bans.txt based off Groups or Reasons.
Ability to upload BattlEye Logs to automatically phrase and add known hack menus to ban list.
All bans are unique id'd for history and repeal process.
Sample format

ff23fb86043512134535421545435ed2 -1 TOP #1 TeamKill indefinite - dd23fb8609bsfag434t34245a3c75ed2 -1 TOP #2 Exploit indefinite - ad34fbdsaf3243534ftga44ea3c75ed2 -1 AJ #3 Exploit indefinite - cc23fb8609b9a8ed2df7f44ea3c75ed2 1415673088 TOP #4 TeamKill 1 day -


Searching Database

Editing & Coding / Bornholm on TOParma
« on: Nov 25, 2014, 08:18 PM »
Thanks to JoSchaap for the Port. The time he put in to place all of the markers is a very daunting task. It took me a couple hours to place our Territory, ATM, Sell Vehicle and Service markers.

This is a Work In Progress.




Technical Support / Territory Modifications
« on: Sep 17, 2014, 12:42 AM »
We have altered our mission, with the help of wiking, to setup a conquest feel to promote a much quicker and concentrated PvP action with the territories. We have taken all of the territories out of our mission and added in groups of capture points. It could range from one to several per group. We have stuck to three per group, however in our next update we are going to test out a couple four flag captures.

We'd like to expand on it further, and I would like some suggestions and guidance in the correct direction to make some of the following changes.

a) Change flags (territories) during the mission uptime, by configuration. ex. A3W_territoryChangeTime = 120*60; // Territory will change to a new area. (default 120*60; = 2 hours)

This would be my most high priority to accomplish, it would provide a refreshed feel every two hours, help make teams move locations to setup new tactics.

Would creating a function, that is slept to A3W_territoryChangeTime, to delete the emptydetectors and then create the new CaptureTriggers on the server and client, then advertise the new location as well as notifying of a new selection before one is chosen? 

To expand it further, it'd be neat to have a vote type system but that would be something down the road.

b) Ensure the server does not choose the same group that was just selected. on server start, _currentGroup would set _lastgroup, upon new group selection, it will loop until _newGroup != _lastGroup.

c) Automate _currentGroup = floor (random 5); where 5 equals a dynamic value depending on what is created in config.sqf.

d) If a player is within a configurable distance of the capture area, a waypoint is marked on the hud of distance to each of the capture points. A3W_territoryWaypointDistance = 500; // Within X meters of flag, display objective waypoints. 

e) Notify the territory owner, when outside of the territory, when another player is attacking. Haven't investigated into this yet.

config.sqf -
Code: [Select]
["TERRITORY_0_KAVALA_A", "Kavala (A)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_0_KAVALA_B", "Kavala (B)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_0_KAVALA_C", "Kavala (C)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_1_ALTISAIR_A", "Altis Airport (A)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_1_ALTISAIR_B", "Altis Airport (B)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_1_ALTISAIR_C", "Altis Airport (C)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_2_PYRGOS_A", "Pyrgos (A)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_2_PYRGOS_B", "Pyrgos (B)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_2_PYRGOS_C", "Pyrgos (C)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_4_KORE_A", "KORE (A)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_4_KORE_B", "KORE (B)", 15000],
["TERRITORY_4_KORE_C", "KORE (C)", 15000]



General Discussion / Spectator Slot
« on: Sep 02, 2014, 08:16 PM »
Anyone have experience with adding spectator slots to a server?

We are finding that managing multiple servers can be a major pain in the arse. I'd like to see the ability to add one to two spectator slots so that we could either a) connect via a webpage and display the persons screen, or b) provide the ability for an admin to connect using a spectator slot, which won't take up a normal slot for users. We have tossed around the idea of keeping one to two of the server slots reserved for admin, however we'd like to not move towards the reserved slot setup. I am not fond of connecting to a server and getting kicked cause i'm not special or kicked from the server by an admin to make room and get on.

Any ideas?

General Discussion / Vehicle store purchase abuse
« on: Aug 28, 2014, 07:36 PM »
We have seen a couple instances where a user will purchase a ridiculous amount of vehicles to only bring server performance down.

I pondered if this would be an easy feature to be added. Only allow X vehicles of the same type to be purchased within a radius of the vehicles store. Where X would be a config value defined in main_config.sqf. Furthermore, define that only Y vehicles (any type) can be within the radius of the vehiclestore during purchase, otherwise denied. 

A3W_vehicleStorePurchaseLimit = 2; // Maximum vehicle of one type within the radius of the vehicle store.
A3W_vehicleStoreLimit = 10;            // Maximum vehicles within the radius of the vehicle store
A3W_vehicleStoreRadiusLimit = 50;  //Radius the vehicle store checks for vehicles

If I had purchased two quads, and they were within 50 meters of the store, then when I try to purchase a third, it would deny it.

Technical Support / Server Restart - load time
« on: Aug 21, 2014, 03:48 PM »
We currently have three servers running. Each one has it's own Objects and Vehicles save file. Each server shares all of the player data files.

The persistence files and mission file are stored on a 512mb RAM disk. Servers use Windows share to access the files. All servers are running Server 2012 with cpu parking off and I/O priority set to arma3server.

4000+ User data files

TOP #1:
Objects: 237
Vehicles: 130

TOP #2:

TOP #3:
Vehicles: 94

We have noticed that upon server restart (930 commits, before vehicle store fix) it would take a little over 7 minutes for the server to be playable. Users would be at a the black screen waiting for client init.

Since 939 commits, we have noticed that that time is significantly longer by about 3-7 minutes, making server restart time 7 minutes to 14 minutes. 

Any ideas on the reasoning behind it, or what might be able to be done to debug would be greatly appreciated.

Technical Support / course of action for hacker
« on: Aug 21, 2014, 03:25 PM »
We had a person on spawn island killing people.

When I spectated him, it showed no name.
When I teleported to spawn island and used my scroll wheel to identify him, it showed [ ].
Nothing in RCON or Player Management showed [ ].

What would be a course of action to try and figure out who it could be in the future?

Editing & Coding / MediKit and ToolKit
« on: Aug 19, 2014, 06:48 PM »
I would like to request that Combat Life Savers and Engineers automatically spawn with a Medikit or ToolKit, depending on the class.

With the default server setting to require a Medikit for revive, the player base on our servers have requested this ability.

I tired to add it myself, however I am most likely doing something wrong.


Code: [Select]
_playerClass = typeOf _player;
switch (_playerClass) do {
case "B_medic_F": { _player addItem "MediKit" };
case "O_medic_F": { _player addItem "MediKit" };
case "I_medic_F": { _player addItem "MediKit" };
case "B_engineer_F": { _player addItem "ToolKit" };
case "O_engineer_F": { _player addItem "ToolKit" };
case "I_engineer_F": { _player addItem "ToolKit" };

We have two A3Wasteland servers setup. They are sharing player save data. However I have had to setup a separate mission file for each server and would like to get away from multiple mission files.

Is there a way to pass or pull what server it is on by the number in the name.

So TOP #1 would pass the variable servernumber = 1.

I would imagine it would require some reg expression, if possible.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Editing & Coding / extDB development and more
« on: Aug 07, 2014, 12:41 AM »
We are finding limitations to adding more servers in our cliche for persistent across all servers. We are seeking for developers to provide a bid to or here.The bid will be for all items completed below unless specified otherwise. Please provide a timeline of completion and cost of project.

Implement extDB as an option for saving, directly to mysql.
Provide the ability to have multiple servers interface with one database (mysql).

Once completed, the code would be released to AgentRev for option to include into the main release. We hope this will help alleviate some of the work load upon AgentRev. We are interested in furthering the development of A3Wasteland.

Questions & Suggestions / Player Saving File and Variables.
« on: Jul 31, 2014, 10:09 PM »
I am currently trying to resolve a bug with a variable being over written in the players ini files on the server.

If you wouldn't mind providing some insight on when the player ini file is "wiped" and or a way to exclude a variable in the ini file from being wiped, I'd much appreciate it.

Let me know if you need more info.

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