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General Discussion / Re: Is jester working with you guys too?
« on: Sep 19, 2013, 10:25 AM »
if he isnt on the teampage, he isn't in the team, a lot of exiting altis missions are popping up atm :)
our code is on github so anyone can easily fork of our repo :)

yeah that might of given it away! haha. Its pretty much the same as your dev version apart from far less stable lol,i was only on the server for 20 mins, i got fed up with the fps dropping to 1.5 while looting buildings and the strider we drove in on DE-spawning with our gear even though it was hardly damaged.

General Discussion / Is jester working with you guys too?
« on: Sep 19, 2013, 09:03 AM »
I joined a version of altis wasteland yesterday that was almost identical to your developer version on github, is he/they working with you guys??

They have a long way to go... whether they have the ability to or not.

One thing that bugs me is when people, who have no idea of the scale of complexity that's involved, dismiss this issue as somehow simple or trivial.

Not going to rant on this situation, there are enough idiots that do it else where.


yeah completely understand what your saying, unfortunately the forums are riddled with said idiots. Obviously as time goes on patches will be released and things will improve to some degree just how much remains to be seen.... i'll always be playing it regardless of the 'issues' anyway, was just intrigued to see what other peoples thoughts on the matter were.


Now im a long way off being an expert, but what maruk the BIS ceo is saying (from my understanding) is that basically he's fed up with people complaining about the fps issues and that there is no fix only a 'negligble increase from many hours on engineer work' - he also says that there is many things you can do with your gpu to improve your fps - which im sure everyone with an overclocked machine has tried already. I guess it's just shite to hear that basically what alot of people have been saying so far about it being a really bad engine may be the case and that what we've got is about all we're going to get.

Can't wait for this, there are some shocking attempts by some people at wastelands on some servers - that are incredibly unstable at best, it's awesome all the hard work that's going into this too!! Thank you guys!!!

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