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it's happening on our server to but we been running this for a while and it hasn't happen till this last build update for Arma 3 so it's the Game not the Mod. And yes I checked to make sure Stream Friendly is off.

Well that's good that it isn't only me. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

I can see the text in the server console, but ingame the chat simply stops showing up on all channels after I do anything with any vehicle. Anything I can do about this?

Edit: Upon further testing it appears that it does not happen every single time I interact with a vehicle, it seems to happen at random. When it happens, it does not go away until you respawn and absolutely nothing related to the chat will show up aside from channel selection and the text box. Also this has only happened while I was playing as independent.

Edit2: The cause doesn't appear to be limited to any one thing, it just randomly occurs.

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