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Lesson to be learned: Don't TK other players!

TBH, I would of (temp) banned you too.

You have:
  • Your word
  • His word
  • The server logs

And you know what I trust. The server logs. And you know what shows up on the logs, TKs.

If something like that happens, record it and report it or just let him take some of the money. You can always play on independent and not have to TK other players when your doing solo missions.

Technical Support / PBO Compression Broken?
« on: Sep 08, 2018, 06:49 AM »
I've been searching around and haven't been able to find a workable solution, seems that compressing the PBO (with makePBO) in v1.4c causes Error Undefined variable in expression to be thrown. Anyone know how to solve this?

About the server:

  • $10000 Start
  • No Base Building
  • Vehicle Parking up to 10 cars
  • Custom Store Pricing
  • Custom Stratis Map
  • Custom Missions
  • Custom Virtual Arsenal
  • Custom Drugs
  • Other Custom Scripts
  • 6 Hour Restarts
  • 24/7 Up time
  • Server IP:

Come and check us out on the weekend we often have free arsenal weekends

About Project Haven:

Project haven is a community of gamers focused on having a place to hang out with other cool people.

Some of our custom scripts:

Virtual Arsenal

We've managed to re-create the popular virtual arsenal script, all you need to do is buy access to the virtual arsenal by going to a Gun Store and paying the fee, you get access for 7 days. Upon spawning, you will be able to pick out a load out and pay for it. (Charges your bank money, so make sure to deposit your spawn money!)

Voyager Compass

We've taken the popular Voyager Compass mod and rewrote some of the back end and created a completely custom config screen for it. You can toggle the compass by clicking the "compass" button in the player menu.


We've modified the drugs mod so you can give drugs to other players, sneak up on a sniper and give him some LSD ;)

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