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Yea I have actually played a lot of king of the hill and always with a buddy. Have to say, we have never been forced to join different teams until now.

I understand the problem with unlocking teams and how it would result in ghosting but why not just make it possible to switch teams ever 10-15 min so ghosting wouldn't be a problem anymore? This would solve the problem with getting an admin to it.

This was on Stratis and no I didn't spawn on any hotspots. I only used random spawn because that game was being so heavily dominated by Blufor that we either had to spawn in the one or two towns that were the hotspots in the game or just random spawn in which I just got spawned in enemy gun stores, next to heavy Money shipments or on the deserted island next to the carrier.

Now I am not new to this, I know why people join Independent or Opfor. The Problem tho is that once in one of the three you get locked in and can only switch after a server restart or get a hold of an admin which can be quite bothersome. If people actually wanted to join the the smaller of the two because they want more pray then why not remove the lock-in of players to the team all together so that the people who want to join the bigger group wont have to go through trying to get a hold of a admin? I also find it unreasonable to think that it would separate friends since the balancing isn't that specific that there cant be 1 more player in a team than there is in the other. Its more like at 3-5 more players and can simply be adjusted. So if one team is full then they can just join the next.

Questions & Suggestions / I highly suggest a balancing system!
« on: Sep 17, 2017, 10:58 PM »
Well I have been playing for a fair amount on the A3Wasteland servers and the one thing I have always noticed is that the majority of people tend to join Blufor or Independent. After a server restart I decided to join Opfor just to switch it up but after just 10 minutes of playing I realized it was a mistake. Not being able to switch back again I was pretty much trapped in a 10 man team vs 20 Blufor and around 30 Independent resulting in instant spawn kills and just not being able to get anything done. This is why I would really suggest implementing a balancing system to balance out the 3 teams so everyone has the same chances at the missions and that none of the teams totally dominates the game.

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