Ultimate Wasteland. Missions and Territory Capture don't start with server.

I've rented a hosted server with Ultimate Wasteland pre-installed. I've tried downloading and installing different versions that I'm more familiar with over the past 2 weeks but all had problems running properly.
I've reverted to Ultimate, which seems to be the closest to playable but there are a few difficulties that I need help with.

The most urgent problem is that missions and territory captures fail to start with the server. I have discovered over the past few days that if left running overnight, missions have started by the time I login next day.
They have failed to start for more than 8 hours but I'm not sure when they actually do. It can then be played until a server restart, which happens at random times, then no missions for rest of day.

So far I've found that both events appear together at the end of server init.sqf file but not found what is preventing execution.

I'd be grateful if anyone could advise and help get the game playable. I will gladly provide any info required.