Battleye don't doing his job
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Battleye don't doing his job

« posted: Oct 11, 2017, 01:28 AM »
Hi, first sorry for my english.

I have a problem with battleye.
Battleye working fine (apparently) :

_ BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217)
_ My beserver.cfg i active
_ My logs files are used

BUT no one are kicked.. i have added some new scripts in my server and infistar too... but i haven't edit my battleye filters to allow them to work.
So i don't understand why battleye are ON if it's kicking no one.

What i have done :
Install arma 3 client and launch it to be sure everything is installed.
Added battleye lience=1; (in profile and config.cfg)

But nothing happened.

If someone can found an explication i will really apreciate it.