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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
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Useful console commands

started by BadVolt
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Normal Topics

Wrong init state

started by Weadra
0 111 by Weadra

parking only for vehicles purchased

started by Souza
0 62 by Souza

Quadcopter UAV Limit

started by ShineDwarf
1 945 by Antman

How can I disable storing the player's position after restarting the server?

started by basba66
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Can't sell static weapons says that I am not the owner.

started by basba66
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How to make all players can heal And not just a medic ?

started by basba66
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Help With Wasteland Loot Spawning Script

started by aidenoneal
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Success condition when one of the vehicles reach object on map

started by -TheBigTom-
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server auto deleting created AI´s by me

started by -TheBigTom-
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help: Increasing radar signature for small UAV

started by -TheBigTom-
1 467 by AgentRev

unParking problem (loadouts)

started by -TheBigTom-
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Want to delete mines after mission ends

started by -TheBigTom-
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remove the jets camera

started by Souza
3 335 by Souza

What do I need to change to make this work?

started by KRDucky
34 10514 by -TheBigTom-

Bar/button colors

started by -TheBigTom-
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Help with running a file that all clients see

started by SoulStalker
2 379 by SoulStalker

Help with new mission concept

started by SoulStalker
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Thermal scopes and thermal helmets

started by .Lord
1 895 by [IT42O] MjDoc

How to remove the repair system

started by basba66
1 263 by [IT42O] MjDoc