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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
- 16039 by AgentRev
Normal Topics

Random NPC patrols and/or enemies at capture points

started by warderkeeju
31 10496 by LouD

help with winter

started by Shinbotz
0 1126 by Shinbotz

Admin tools - spectator camera

started by StrokeR
6 2544 by LouD

question about adding zeus to wasteland.

started by TheButcher
7 2770 by AgentRev

locking/lock picking/sell veh

started by Shinbotz
6 2390 by LouD

view distance

started by shoresy
1 1394 by Cael817

r3f Log 3.0

started by ch4rlys
2 2270 by ch4rlys

ATM for Wasteland

started by itsdouqiexd
14 8697 by LouD

Adding Vehicle Mods

started by shoresy
5 3081 by JoSchaap

Map Auto Marking On Startup

started by PaladinSniper
1 1249 by AgentRev

Change the Language(Localization)

started by Deathwing
1 1422 by AgentRev

Help with a mission

started by soka966
5 2157 by soka966

How do I get Player position for scripting?

started by STA_WildRide
3 1839 by STA_WildRide

Mission "Save the City" for Altis

started by xipetotec
6 2512 by xipetotec

Need a delete some type of missions

started by bystrica
2 1347 by bystrica

Help with new mission idea

started by Tasty
0 1267 by Tasty

Knockout script.

started by Shinbotz
8 2981 by AgentRev

Groups & players names

started by LouD
7 2666 by LouD

Possible to enable optics vision modes?

started by Marauder2k7
2 1585 by Marauder2k7

How to turn off commander mode

started by LouD
2 1405 by LouD