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Random database errors causing crashes

started by hobart
1 855 by Jermin

server setup help

started by Maddogg86
0 998 by Maddogg86

So many cheaters !

started by Raptor
2 1066 by Raptor

Wasteland Server DB

started by cpt-fred
3 1383 by KRDucky

Is there a way to wipe all the planted spawn beacons on my server?

started by Gopher_nz
2 1088 by Gopher_nz

[SOLVED] Need help for setting up extDB

started by Raptor
7 1675 by AgentRev

Battleye filters creatVehicle

started by dekela
3 1397 by dekela

IP change results in ban question

started by Gopher_nz
4 1306 by Gopher_nz

wasteland cherno

started by freakb
0 899 by freakb

Banned from my server

started by bolox
1 1032 by PAR4NA

Web admin panel and ingame commands?

started by jofamies
1 1545 by Inspecteur Clouseau

modified pbo

started by Solarus
3 1275 by Coyote Rogue

A3W NOT running with extDB!

started by Smir
4 2956 by PAR4NA

Infistar Filters!

started by PAR4NA
0 975 by PAR4NA

Can anyone help me to adapt this to A3Wasteland for linux auto restart ?

started by nntp
0 895 by nntp

Ban Help

started by SkeletalElite
1 937 by SirGrim

Hosted Install

started by Solarus
2 1439 by Solarus

Install Leaderboard Web Site

started by PAR4NA
0 863 by PAR4NA

Headless Client

started by PAR4NA
2 1217 by PAR4NA

Linux Server Auto Restart

started by KungFuMonkay
1 941 by cabo