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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
- 23277 by AgentRev
Normal Topics

Best AI mod?

started by KRDucky
6 3877 by GriffinZS

Base Re-locker Orange Beacon

started by Mason
1 2320 by MeanY

Lockable doors

started by V1irus
6 3785 by eldrich


started by Mokey
33 14730 by bloodknife92

Extra missions

started by bloodknife92
1 2702 by wernerz

Thoughts on using this map?

started by KRDucky
2 1864 by KRDucky

Quick Holster Key

started by Mokey
11 4827 by Mokey

Newest CBA to have.....

started by KRDucky
0 1439 by KRDucky

break lock

started by shadylurker
1 1621 by Cael817

IP/Network Camera addon

started by micovery
69 23908 by LouD

FAR_GUT Mechanic

started by Mokey
3 1948 by LouD

Antihack Issue with Dog Script

started by Hellangel
6 3257 by Mokey

Camouflage Net / persistence

started by CampRogain
7 3065 by LouD

Hostage Mission

started by GriffinZS
3 2473 by LouD

Useful Key Info v0.1

started by CREAMPIE
6 3111 by CREAMPIE

Anyone Get Bounty Missions Working?

started by Broland278
2 1802 by Broland278

Mods in general

started by Tenoch
5 2333 by Mokey

Simple Rank Patches key error

started by shadylurker
0 1210 by shadylurker

Lots of confusing posts on Vehicle Locks and Base Locking

started by Morgue2903
9 4399 by AgentRev

Mag Repack not working

started by Mokey
3 2479 by Gigatek