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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
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Dynamic Weather problems! need help

started by Broland278
4 2122 by PatPgtips

Custom scripting help for drug runners needed.

started by Bvrettski
1 1469 by Bvrettski

Any service vehicle scripts?

started by GrinFlame
1 1260 by GrinFlame

The current and future status of ACE3 and ACE3 Wasteland

started by KRDucky
1 1752 by KRDucky

What's the difference: Client Side Addons Vs Server Side Addons?

started by p4r4norm4l
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Simple script request #2

started by Magic
1 1500 by Ezekiel 25:17

Simple script request #1

started by Magic
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Proximity Zombies Spawner

started by said11
0 1420 by said11

Random Heli Crash Sites / Cargo Drops

started by swineflu
10 4705 by Jes

Drugs (LSD, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin) on Wasteland

started by micovery
22 14103 by Blue

Alternative Base Building

started by Firstyminator
2 2504 by Firstyminator

Commission for some missions

started by bloodknife92
3 1897 by KRDucky

Persistence Scoreboard

started by Bobroglaz
11 3942 by Firstyminator

Best AI mod?

started by KRDucky
6 3069 by GriffinZS

Base Re-locker Orange Beacon

started by Mason
1 1800 by MeanY

Lockable doors

started by V1irus
6 3091 by eldrich


started by Mokey
33 12378 by bloodknife92

Extra missions

started by bloodknife92
1 2261 by wernerz

Thoughts on using this map?

started by KRDucky
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Quick Holster Key

started by Mokey
11 4107 by Mokey