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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
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Territory progressBar

started by tarkka-ampuja24
0 333 by tarkka-ampuja24

Wasteland Tax bank account

started by tarkka-ampuja24
0 1138 by tarkka-ampuja24

AI skills

started by tarkka-ampuja24
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Changing Jet Weaponry

started by Ep!c
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Need help please

started by Adraac
2 504 by Adraac

Radar sensitivity + Static radar →radar problem

started by -TheBigTom-
0 243 by -TheBigTom-

Fog in view

started by -TheBigTom-
0 195 by -TheBigTom-

1 problem 1 questions- parking and variants name

started by -TheBigTom-
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Player specified texture or vehicle

started by ikkutim
0 337 by ikkutim

Pawnee Aim indicator after painting

started by -TheBigTom-
2 4760 by AgentRev

AI and Repair vehicle

started by tarkka-ampuja24
2 1558 by tarkka-ampuja24

Server problems (lags)

started by -TheBigTom-
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Laser sight

started by tarkka-ampuja24
4 1214 by AgentRev

Vehicle Owner and Plate

started by tarkka-ampuja24
1 724 by AgentRev

Battle Fighter and virtual arsenal

started by tarkka-ampuja24
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making vehicle spawn-free areas

started by bholder43
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some ideas for wasteland

started by B.A.Baracus
0 887 by B.A.Baracus

Custom Difficulty with TADST

started by GriffinZS
3 3278 by DerelictDevildog

More advanced repair system

started by FinnBat
0 1023 by FinnBat

Parking Wasteland Stratis

started by Alves
1 1228 by Sp4wN7