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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
- 16039 by AgentRev
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Why there is no persistent groups in A3Wasteland?

started by ARCHaim
1 1483 by AgentRev

Ultimate Wasteland. Missions and Territory Capture don't start with server.

started by smiffy
0 1032 by smiffy

shop items = faction and opfor/blufor see icons friendly?

started by shred
0 942 by shred

Player controlled AI driver?

started by Jermin
3 1372 by GriffinZS

HI all australia map on a3wastland will be good

started by paulspchelp
7 2269 by Motavar

DEFCON for PvE servers

started by Gopher_nz
0 911 by Gopher_nz

Adding new base objects?

started by iSamiius
4 1689 by iSamiius

Enemy outpost with GMG instead

started by Gopher_nz
3 1574 by GriffinZS

Unloaded Objects Disappear

started by Saugrim
1 1123 by iSamiius

What is this sign?

started by idasabelis
1 1185 by iSamiius

[SOLVED]Server won't save custom weapons added in

started by iSamiius
0 921 by iSamiius

[SOLVED]Need help adding custom ammo to gunstore

started by iSamiius
2 1272 by iSamiius

Minimum despawn time for vehicles

started by Gopher_nz
0 905 by Gopher_nz

General store button exclusion

started by Drifty
0 973 by Drifty

seeing unit on map

started by clifford
1 1324 by MeanY

server main_config.sqf problem

started by Drifty
4 1603 by Drifty

Suggestion: de-spawn saved vehicles when player logs off

started by speedweasel
3 1387 by AgentRev

store prices

started by xiaoshuai33525
6 2129 by Drifty

Mission weightings

started by Matt76
6 1910 by Matt76

Suggestion: Merge functionality in Admin menu

started by speedweasel
4 1602 by LouD