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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
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Players performing fastrevive with mouse macros? We can prevent that ?

started by nntp
1 1351 by soulkobk

Please help

started by Ltc-Bullet
3 1675 by Ltc-Bullet

"Teamkill" punishment for roadkills

started by GriffinZS
0 1285 by GriffinZS

random fail

started by GriffinZS
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Mines at ATMs

started by Simonster3
1 1451 by GriffinZS

NPC init line

started by GriffinZS
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BIS_fnc_selectRandom @ Mission

started by GriffinZS
9 2851 by GriffinZS

UAV Connection

started by GriffinZS
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started by GriffinZS
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How do I change the territory system to the Flag's system?

started by Silvernotex
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New Storage/Parking

started by dagg929
3 2368 by SpeedBirdNam

Shop Marker missing

started by GriffinZS
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_goggle(s)Types = ["G_Diving"]

started by GriffinZS
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Naval mines & PDM-7

started by GriffinZS
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Map marker

started by PAR4NA
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Adding uniforms to backpack (solved)

started by GriffinZS
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mines @ mission spawns

started by eldrich
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how to lock our personal mission?

started by Carlos
11 7512 by psg

Ranking up on the forums

started by Snipes Murphy
1 1396 by AgentRev

Adding new missions?

started by skeeley
4 2288 by P!G