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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
- 10710 by AgentRev
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BUG ( since today patch) No entry mpmissions

started by IKShadow
0 1533 by IKShadow

Money not being saved

started by IKShadow
6 3001 by IKShadow


started by gostking3
1 1560 by IKShadow

Problems with the server settings

started by Roadwarrior
0 1423 by Roadwarrior

Fps problem

started by NiiV
14 4260 by AgentRev


started by gostking3
5 2902 by Gunther.S

Known bugs?

started by bodybag
7 3435 by bodybag

Money and items dupe

started by NiiV
0 1470 by NiiV

Admin.sqf help

started by Evention
5 3069 by NiiV

NVgoggles problem

started by NiiV
2 1970 by camo

UAV camera

started by gostking3
0 1085 by gostking3

gun store ammo

started by gostking3
3 1509 by gostking3

mission randomly fails

started by gostking3
4 2285 by gostking3

AH-9 Pawnee

started by camo
3 2078 by AgentRev

Gunstore on map

started by NiiV
1 1297 by AgentRev

Inidb saving.

started by xDsage
4 2243 by Cype

AI difficult

started by NiiV
5 2719 by NiiV

Added a friend to the admins.sqf

started by TSVStriFe
5 7317 by AgentRev

Object lock on player UID saving and loading system?

started by NiiV
4 3203 by NiiV

Chat quits showing up after interacting with vehicles

started by agauos
2 1681 by agauos