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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
- 13005 by AgentRev
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UAV camera

started by gostking3
0 1126 by gostking3

gun store ammo

started by gostking3
3 1584 by gostking3

mission randomly fails

started by gostking3
4 2354 by gostking3

AH-9 Pawnee

started by camo
3 2133 by AgentRev

Gunstore on map

started by NiiV
1 1363 by AgentRev

Inidb saving.

started by xDsage
4 2316 by Cype

AI difficult

started by NiiV
5 2826 by NiiV

Added a friend to the admins.sqf

started by TSVStriFe
5 7433 by AgentRev

Object lock on player UID saving and loading system?

started by NiiV
4 3311 by NiiV

Chat quits showing up after interacting with vehicles

started by agauos
2 1747 by agauos

player promote

started by muckin
0 1568 by muckin


started by GSN_Pager
5 2488 by AgentRev

Vehicle Despawns

started by Dreaddman
2 2015 by Dreaddman

Mission Spawn point

started by Primux
1 1743 by JoSchaap

Arma3 Wasteland 0.9 nog bagpacks after respawn

started by [Alt-F4] MADRacing
4 2523 by [Alt-F4] MADRacing

PBO not working right after Arma 3 Release

started by epso-sage
7 3467 by MercyfulFate

Money Bags

started by SCE_TheFuzz
1 1904 by Brian

10 Second Stutters

started by Primux
1 1732 by MercyfulFate

client side FPS

started by Matt76
3 2447 by JoSchaap

lootCreation.sqf Weapon Duping

started by GSN_Pager
1 2496 by JoSchaap