[US] MWB Wasteland Many Extras and Modded Guns

[US] MWB Wasteland Many Extras and Modded Guns

« posted: Jan 13, 2015, 09:30 PM »
Are you looking for a True PVP Server? Then the MWB Wasteland server is what you are looking for.


Lockable Vehicles
Ear Plugs addon (Must have for Flying or Driving Tanks)
Heal Self Option
Extra Missions such as Hostile Jet,Enemy Laptop, and Weapons Smugglers
Magrepack Option
Chop Shops
Change Owner for the lockable vehicles which can be stolen by lock picking them
and also Resupply Points

We Run Many Mods on the server as well which are not Required to join you can choose if you want to download them or not but if you decide you want to you can find more information on them at http://www.messwithbest.com/forum/showthread.php?8-MWB-Wasteland-Server-is-up-and-Running

Our Website is www.messwithbest.com there you can find all the info you need if not feel free to join us on teamspeak at messwiththebest.teamspeak3.com

Server Ip is