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* Can we please have the fantastic "treasure mission" from KOS stratis (i think), no idea why but i love this and it also drags people out to the awesome A3 underwater features.

* can the default team/group icons distance be increased over the old 404 limit of 1100m, to say 1500-2000m - this vastly descreases team killing especially with more heavy military machines/rocket systems etc.

* is it possible to control the vehicle type (civilian/miltary etc) ratios in vehiclespawn.sqf server side? so server owners can add variety randomly.

* Windows key to see nicknames by default would be great

* Spawn protection (debug area) would also be cool

* As i think mentioned in a previous post a team/group monitory system - or maybe eleberate on your ammo safe box idea.

* have building material not spawn on the map but easily accessable via "stores" on map,

* Altis is huge so maybe add other options to "random spawn" like random North, East, West etc

Sorry if i've repeated anything previous but i'm really excited to see your wasteland :)


- The KoS Dev's are in our Team, will be discussed :)

- Will need to be tested first, rendering the world is allready a big issue on altis, we have to make sure it doesn't impact performance too much

- at this moment we allready work with different groups of vehicles for the spawner at towns (civillian,quads,light military, heavy military (unarmed)) which have a decrementing chance of being spawned in that order.
  we aim to make as much as posible easily configurable by server hosts

- at this moment it is based on distance, ill look into it. be advised this will not show names when you are in StreamFriendly layout!

- the debug area was fixed in the v2.3 got version, players have no money/food/water and are invulnerable untill they are moved away from the debug area.

- there are some idea's being tested such as a warchest for your team which allows players to store money for the team in (or withdraw) and allows an enemy to hack into it.

- For the spawning of players (random spawn) we will not be using all towns, but a well spread selection of these. this to avoid desync due to a ton of vehicles that need to be synchronised over the network.
  Also there will be functional spawnbeacons for your team/group to use and/or spawn in on.

As development progresses ill try to post some more updates about features were working on etc.

Thanks for replying :)

Makes for very interesting reading I cant wait to see how the mission works and is structured when your done - im rather sad like that I like to tinker :)

If you need anything stress testing I can raise a fair amount of members to help if needs be


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