Reporting hackers & Ban appeals

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Reporting hackers & Ban appeals

« posted: Jan 27, 2015, 09:58 AM »
We ( currently do NOT run any official servers.

That being said, we know this is the first place that comes up when searching for A3Wasteland, so we're not leaving you hanging here :)

One thing is for sure, posting here asking for "customer support" is not useful.

To get in contact with the admin of the server you've found a hacker on, or that you've been banned from, you can try one of the following steps.

1) Is the server you played on listed on our Server Discussion forum?
   - Contact the author of the thread using PM (Private Message) or reply to his server thread.
   - The server discussion forum can be found here:

2) Is the server perhaps listed on Gametracker or other forums such as Bohemia forums?
   - Contact the server owner via GameTracker or the Bohemia Forums
   - Gametracker search (ArmA 3) :
   - Bohemia-Forums (Server-Discussion) :

3) Does a google search on (part of) the servername result in any websites listing the server?
   - Usually if a clan or community hosts a server their website will definitely have a newspost or forumthread about it. Try using :)