New Map A3WasteLand MiniHattan

New Map A3WasteLand MiniHattan

« posted: Feb 01, 2015, 08:27 PM » Presents A3Wasteland MiniHattan.

MiniHattan Features
New Map
Everything Saves (base,Vehicles
31+ Unmarked ATM'S
Lock Vehicles
Vehicle & Helicopter Chop Shops
Fast Roping
Roaming AI from all 3 Factions
Repair/Refuel Centers for Vehicles,Helicopters & Boats
Start with 5k

Server Details


DownLoad Link Below

Make sure you extract the folder to your Arma3 Main directory & Activate the Expansion in your config/expansion menu

Help Make this MOD better and please post any problems &  suggestions

Have Fun & Good Luck

(aka BoxSmella)

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Re: New Map A3WasteLand MiniHattan

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One post is enough. No bumps needed. I removed em.