New Gameplay Mechanics

New Gameplay Mechanics

« posted: Feb 05, 2015, 09:34 AM »
What I would like to see:

#1 - Autonomous base defense - Purchaseable AI infantry, or sentry auto-turrets (similar to how the stomper works, but I'm thinking like swiveling hmg/gmg turrets.) that could be activated with a personal base radar or enemy detection system. This wouldnt be shown on the map except to the owner (if thats possible). To limit base defense perhaps there should be a generator that can power a specific # of turrets. Maybe for conveinence combine the generator and base radar and have it activate the turrets only when theres an enemy within the perimeter. Best case scenario there is a GUI that would allow you to specify the triggers i.e. air, armor, infantry, maybe even animals. But would allow you to program it so it doesnt needlessly waste ammo or give away your bases position.

#2 - Private Door/Object/Vehicle locking system - either with an item purchaseable at gun/general/vehicle, or a new store. It would require a user to buy and use an item on an existing house/bunker door, vehicle, or placeable object, and then would either give them a virtual key or keyring, OR allow them to set a 3-4 digit code. The virtual key/keyring could drop on death being lootable, and they could also be shareable with a group member (but not by default). Of course restrict locking of doors in spawn towns, locking of vehicles/objects near stores, to prevent using them to deny access to stores, etc.

There are then 2 ideas I have for being able to steal/break in. On house and or locked placeables, it could be setup so the only way in is through destruction ( I think this is very fitting for the gamemode and wouldn't require the scripting of a new item to lockpick) imagine finding a locked house, seeing a shit load of crates inside, and then using the tank you just recovered, or the crate of satchel charges you found, to blast down the locked walls/house/bunker, removing the obstacle, and exposing its loot.

#3 - If not a vehicle locking/lockpicking system, than a garage system, with parking garages placed around the map. Only force saveable vehicles would be allowed to be stored, you could even put some of these garages near docks/airstrips for uavs/jets/boats. This may even cut down on server lag/hitching as it would remove persistent vehicles from the map into virtual storage.

#4 - Remove ability to see mines signals by default. Remove the ability (especially on Independent) to see mines other than the ones you personally place yourself (hell maybe even make those unmarked too, for realism). Remove the mine detector from the default engineer loadout. Make the only way to detect mines be by purchasing/looting a mine detector and using an action menu command (much like tracking beacons) to find them in a surrounding radius. This would help with viable base defense/ambushes, and additional strategy. You would be prompted to use this most when traveling along main roads, going to a store, or assaulting someones locked and guarded base. To balance the now more dangerous mines, you can increase their rarity in loot and price at the gun store.

#5 - (This one is more of a long shot) Increase survival mechanics. Instead of just thirst and hunger with 1 respective item each, perhaps you could divvy it up into calories, protein, vitamins, and hydration. Having different foods and sources with different values for each. OJ could give some vitamin points and hydration whereas water would only give hydration. Kill a rabbit for calories and protein, but still get scurvy (max fatigue) if your vitamins drop to zero. Or if you just eat apples from bags your carry limit decreases because you have no proteins in your diet.

Afterthoughts - The majority of balancing could be done through pricing and inflation of prices as it is discovered what the effective objects/items/tactics are.

What do you guys think about these ideas? Do you have any implementable ideas of your own to make gameplay more interesting while not insanely bogging down the server with a bunch of spawns, continous scripts, etc?
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Re: New Gameplay Mechanics

« Reply #1 posted: Feb 05, 2015, 10:26 AM »
Have you searched the forums before you posted? For #2 and #3 there already are addons and for #4 partially.

#1 is possible for Opfor and Blufor only. Any independent AI will not attack other independent. There are sentry turrets but disabled in the configs.
#5 This isn't DayZ or Epoch. But feel free to create it :)