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Apoc's Airdrop Assistance - v1.4 Release

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Sorry this took longer to get out than I wanted, ran into a few bugs that I needed to kill!

So here is my take on Cre4mpie's Airdrop system that he has posted.  Chunks and methods were taken from that for portions of this version, so props to Cre4mpie for all the work he had put forth.  I've also stripped some methods from base A3W, so due credit to AgentRev and the other devs there.

So how is this different than Cre4mpie's?  Here:
1) Object Spawning has been moved Server Side, so no BE filter nonsense.
2) Airdropped objects are delivered by AI controlled Huron
3) Command Menu code generation is handled automatically, so no tedious config there.

LouD was good enough to do a quick Youtube Vid!

1) To add new crates you need to modify the fn_refillbox on the server scripts to have the matching crateNames.
-------> See This Post  <-------
2) The heli and carried objects are not damageable while being transported.  You can change this within the script if you want.
3) Money is taken from players' bank accounts
4) There is a 60 second cooldown timer
5) Persistence is active, so if you want to kill that you'll need to comment a couple lines

Install Instructions:
So we need to edit a few files to get this addon to work:
1) init.sqf  -- Add the following line under 3rd Party Scripts

--- Code: ---[] execVM "addons\APOC_Airdrop_Assistance\init.sqf";

--- End code ---

2) client\functions\playerActions.sqf   Add this to the first block with all of the fn_addManagedAction chunks

--- Code: ---[format ["<img image='\a3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\CommunicationMenu\supplydrop_ca.paa' color='%1'/> <t color='%1'>[</t>Airdrop Menu<t color='%1'>]</t>", "#FF0000"],"addons\APOC_Airdrop_Assistance\APOC_cli_menu.sqf",[], -100, false, false]

--- End code ---

3) server\functions\fn_refillbox.sqf      Add these two additional cases to have the boxes shown in my config

--- Code: --- case "airdrop_DLC_Rifles":
_boxItems =
// Item type, Item class(es), # of items, # of magazines per weapon
["wep", ["srifle_DMR_03_multicam_F", "srifle_DMR_02_sniper_F", "srifle_DMR_05_hex_F", "srifle_DMR_04_Tan_F"], 2,4],
["itm", ["V_RebreatherB", "V_PlateCarrierIAGL_dgtl", "V_TacVest_camo", "V_PlateCarrierGL_rgr"], RANDOM_BETWEEN(1,8)],
["itm", ["B_Carryall_mcamo", "B_Kitbag_mcamo"], RANDOM_BETWEEN(2,5)],
["itm", ["bipod_01_F_blk", "bipod_02_F_hex"], 3]
case "airdrop_DLC_LMGs":
_boxItems =
// Item type, Item class(es), # of items, # of magazines per weapon
["wep", ["MMG_02_black_F", "MMG_01_hex_F"], 2,5],
["itm", ["V_RebreatherB", "V_PlateCarrierIAGL_dgtl", "V_TacVest_camo", "V_PlateCarrierGL_rgr"], RANDOM_BETWEEN(1,8)],
["itm", ["B_Carryall_mcamo", "B_Kitbag_mcamo"], RANDOM_BETWEEN(2,5)],
["itm", ["bipod_01_F_blk", "bipod_02_F_hex"], 2]

--- End code ---

4) server\antihack\filterExecAttempt.sqf     Need to add this to the list of "!_whitelisted then..." in the forEach

--- Code: ---"APOC_srv_"

--- End code ---

That should be all of the things that need changed!

Then you'll just need to drop the APOC_Airdrop_Assistance folder into your addons folder in your mission.

With the V1.25 zip, you can extract that to the root of your mission, and the folder structure will match the instructions above.  There will be a warning about overwriting fn_refillbox.sqf and processItems.sqf.  This is normal.  These two functions have been updated to correct backpack add functionality.  Be cautious of fn_refillbox, as it could overwrite any custom mission crates you might have created.

My Github commit:
Firing Flares
Spawn Helo 5k from Player
Box Tweaks

Vehicles Drop Further Out, Land closer to player (yay Creampie!)

Update A3W Functions to handle backpack additions to crates

Food/Water spawned on ground after crate lands

Fix for Flybys without Drop
Little Tweak, hopefully works better!  ZIP FILES NOT UPDATED FOR THIS YET

Commit 1
Commit 2 - Github & Sourcetree are out to get me
Commit 3
Final Commit - Multiple Changes to Airdrop System; New Attempt at Heli Flyaway Bug; Player money taken after heli reaches drop point and is confirmed to be there

Commit 1  Using a proper method to save player bank data on the server.
Commit 2  So this was some ugly github work.  Be careful!

v1          18APR2015 - Initial Public Unleashing.  I apologize...
v1.1       18APR2015 - Heli Spawns Near Player, Fires Flares when crate drops, changed box contents
v1.2       19APR2015 - Heli Drops vehicles further out, should land closer to player
v1.25     25APR2015 - Backpacks will now add to crates properly. 
v1.3       02MAY2015 - Food/Water appear after reg. crate hits ground.  Bypasses problem of food not falling.
v1.35     05MAY2015 - Fix for flybys without drop.  Obj. will detach when helo switches to Waypoint 2
v1.4       12MAY2015 - Another Attmept at the flybys.  Player money taken when drop should happen.
v1.45     12MAY2015 - Whoa!  Tweaks to the money saving routine, finally. 

excellent !

Look forward to adding this in and testing tomorrow :)

Sleep for now ;)

Updated to V1.1.

I've included my copy fn_refillbox.sqf for easy use by those with less customized servers.

server\functions\  is the location that file needs dropped in (overwrite your standard one if you've not modified it from stock)

Seem to be working, I been testing Loud R3F 3.1 on our servers so I need to figure out how to unlock the crates with out unlocking all mission crates.

Well, I'm not familiar with that update, myself.

Where are the lock functions being set?

You can reverse whatever variable is being set after the crate is dropped, or within the switch structure where the item is being created. 


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