Useful Tutorials for Beginners in Coding

Useful Tutorials for Beginners in Coding

« posted: May 06, 2015, 07:14 PM »
So, here's some links to tools that helped me when first learning to code for ARMA.  Now, take some of this with a grain of salt, for a couple of reasons.
1)  These tutorials are focused on Arma 2, so some things have changed (new commands mostly).
2)  These tutorials are also focused on Epoch for A2OA.  So our folders are structured differently.

Consider these as background information for coding.  If you read the community wiki enough, you'd get this info too, but it'd take much longer.  Use the wiki to figure out the particulars of what certain commands do, as well as what their required/optional parameters/arguments are.

Also, take a look at the tutorials here are great, but you need to dig to get to a beginner's level.  Look for the tutorials on arrays and different data types.  Those will be quite helpful if you've never really worked with code much.

Now, I know a bunch of people will get confused by all of this, and that's OK.  But it is better to get a feeling for what people are talking about when certain terms are used in discussing how to code.  So I'd recommend giving these a read, and watch the video by Raymix. 

I'm going to try putting together a tutorial on how to use Github (gui use, I suck at the command prompt approach) to help manage files.  Also, I'll put together the batch files that I use to manage the servers I'm involved with, in terms of restarts and automatic backups of DB and such things.

Good Luck!

Re: Useful Tutorials for Beginners in Coding

« Reply #1 posted: May 07, 2015, 07:49 AM »
Thanks for this.  I've been editing Arma/Wasteland for about a year now and I had to learn most things the hard way.

Luckily the community here is very, very helpful so while it wasn't easy, it was possible for me to customize the mission files to my liking.

I am reminded of this cartoon which describes almost every coding tutorial I've encountered so far: