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I am beginning work on integrating ACE3 with Wasteland like I did in Arma 2 404 ACE Wasteland. Is there anyone who would be willing to assist with this task? Since ACE3 is completely OpenSource I no longer have to ask permission to use it in a mod. I can also modify it to my needs etc.

I would like to add ACRE2 to the mix as well. The goal is not a completely realism class wasteland. But instead, a fun, semi-realism type Wasteland. Things like fragmentation etc. The medical system and so on.

For those not immediately familiar with ACE3, here are a couple intros

Re: ACE3 + ACRE2

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no one is interested?

Re: ACE3 + ACRE2

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So, I have been working on the mission and figuring out logistics and such. I have also been testing out ACE settings and features. I have put together a Survey on that anyone here can fill out to help me out with making decisions for the mission/mod.

I also have a BI forums thread on it:

Re: ACE3 + ACRE2

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From the survey so far I have found most people don't want a medical system at all. Let me clarify that there are 2 medical systems in ACE3. There is Basic and Advanced. The technical one is Advanced. As far as Advanced Ballistics go, they only affect snipers and they tie into the weather system with wind deflection based on weather conditions.

ACE3 - ACRE2 thread

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So, deciphering this new Wasteland code base is slow going. Thus, some questions.

What files do I need to edit to add the ACE Medical instead of the vanilla Wasteland medical system?
What lines should I look for?
What are the major files I need to examine to make changes besides the mission.sqm?

ACE3 - ACRE2 thread

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Is there a stripped down version of A3Wasteland? No ATM etc. simplified if you will that I can build up from.
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Re: stripped down version?

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I have v1.0b with no had to manually add the atms. I also have v.09 that has no atms and no vehicle stores and only has gunstores.
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Re: stripped down version?

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You can run the newest version of a3w and disable atms.

Release vanilla files:

Disable atms:
go in your a3wastelandsettings folder and change the atm section of your main_config.sqf to this

Code: [Select]
// ATM settings
A3W_atmEnabled = 0;                // Enable ATM system (0 = no, 1 = yes)
A3W_atmMaxBalance = 1000000;       // Maximum amount of money that can be stored in a bank account (recommended: 1 million)
A3W_atmTransferFee = 5;            // Fee in percent charged to players for money transfers to other players (0 to 50)
A3W_atmTransferAllTeams = 0;       // Allow money transfers between players of all teams/sides (0 = same team only, 1 = all teams)
A3W_atmEditorPlacedOnly = 0;       // Only allow access via ATMs placed from the mission editor (0 = all ATMs from towns & editor allowed, 1 = ATMs from editor only) Note: Stratis has no town ATMs, only editor ones.
A3W_atmMapIcons = 0;               // Draw small icons on the map that indicate ATM locations (0 = no, 1 = yes)
A3W_atmRemoveIfDisabled = 1;       //Remove all ATMs from map if A3W_atmEnabled is set to 0 (0 = no, 1 = yes)

If you want to remove stores you can just delete them from your map. And reverse process the adding of stores.

Adding Stores:

Hope this helps.
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Re: stripped down version?

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There has been a ton of improvements and fixes across the new versions - I wouldn't recommend starting at an older version.

Get the latest commits off the A3W Git, disable what you don't want ^^

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Re: stripped down version?

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This version is so different from 404 it gets confusing.

I assume I can delete the folders of addons I dont want?

I was thinking of starting from scratch to properly add ACE3 and ACRE2 to it. As well as (depending on how my tests go) ALiVE module. The ALiVE module would handle any missions and AI. If you are not familiar with ALiVE,

ALiVE is a dynamic campaign mission framework. The editor placed modules are designed to be intuitive but highly flexible so you can create a huge range of different scenarios by simply placing a few modules and markers. The AI Commanders have an overall mission and a prioritised list of objectives that they will work through autonomously. Players can choose to tag along with the AI and join the fight, take your own squad of AI or other players and tackle your own objectives or just sit back and watch it all unfold.

Re: stripped down version?

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The folders inside addons are typically referenced in your init.sqf.  Though it wouldnt be the proper way to remove the addon, it would surely prevent it from loading.  It will also give you errors since the game is still looking for it (via other scripts like init.sqf that may point to that addon folder).  Depending on what you are trying to disable, it might even cripple A3Wasteland more than you have intended.  Some addons have been woven into A3Wasteland code more than others.

Good luck adding ALiVE, it looks like it has it's own handlers for AI and things.  I've never used it but merging the 2 could prove challenging.


ACE3 - ACRE2 thread

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ACE3 Wasteland Testing server is up

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Hey guys,

I have a alpha build of ACE3 Wasteland with hopefully working ACE3 medical. Please test the mission and tell me how stuff works and what needs fixing.

The Mods required are:

  • ACE3 3.0.1

Filter the hostname for either ACE3 or ACE3 Wasteland Testing Server

No password

Here is the PlayWithSix published collection link. Paste it in your browser and make sure you are logged into PWS.


Aircraft in ACE3 Wasteland

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Here are the Helicopters being used in ACE3 Wasteland. These replace the Jets in the game due to the varied armaments.

Re: Aircraft in ACE3 Wasteland

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