Floating Base in Wasteland

Floating Base in Wasteland

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In an environment so hostile the good people of Wasteland use 5th generation technology to dismiss misery and carnage to free them selves against that hungry savages of the enemy to make a new life -- they are called stratio people. Elevated above they use lookdown shoot down technology to foil the enemy plans for domination of the Island. (Sorry feel like a George Lucus writer for starwars).

Any how we have design an airbase in wasteland and here are some pictures:

Floating Base in Wasteland

Floating Base in Wasteland

Floating Base in Wasteland

Floating Base in Wasteland

Floating Base in Wasteland

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Re: Floating Base in Wasteland

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Airbases are not allowed on my servers - If you place it correctly , you can have a view over the entire Stratis map at 500m in the sky.

some players used to prep a whole day with AP / AT missles and then would go 50 - 1 guiding rockets into spawns all over the map ..

Not really conducive to gameplay :P

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